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  1. Hello all from myself and my wife we have a very sad search we need help to find a reliable and compassionate org to rehome our westie. His name is Charlie. He is 10 months of age, registered, received from a good breeder and in perfect health since he had a extensive vet check on friday. (Well we are waiting reults of latest blood tests, but they expect finding nothing) he is agressive to us in our home. We are working with a highly credentialed behaviorist in uk via virtual video consultations. We live in a small town in the harz mountains. We have been working qith training si ce a young pup.  We have also taken him to a highly reviewed and recommended german dog trainer (huge mistake which made situation worse) He actually walks on lead fairly well, sits,  stays for shorter periods. We are working on down. We have read a million books as well and do e tons of research.. He has been on mutiple vacations with us to the beach in netherlands, up and down both coasts of denmark on a caravan trip, he is our joy and we are devastated. He is super friendly with others - paws up tail wagging wanting to be petted. He cant wait to meet other dogs, even the most savage beast which he thinks will want to play. We live in a smaller apartment 55 sqm so it is difficult to give him space that behaviorist thinks he may need. There are several other dogs in our building that go past our hollow doors frequently making it difficult for him to relax. I have a MS like condition and the stress is not helping my condition...was in the hospital for a week recently with a relapse. WE WANT THE BEST FOR HIM. Both the vet and behaviorist think we should rehome him to a rescue/foster situation. I will not put out a add somewhere asking for someone to buy him or take him as we do not want him abused or used for breeding in a puppy mill somewhere. He needs the right environment. There are several westie rescues in the uk we have spoken to for guidence...they will take him and think maybe he has picked up on my illness while i was away in hospital, not sure i believe it but they have worked with many westies over the years. At the moment we are not sure how he would deal with a ferry transit to uk after a long drive to the port. Anyone know of a org here..i have searched countless times and find zero. Mostly selling rescue dogs so.eone bought from Romania etc. I am not looking for offers from people to adopt him. He needs some special attention. We are devastated that we need to do this and have spent several weeks shedding some tears, sleepless nights to get to the decision. But we want the best for him as well, as he is clealry stressed as well. Thanks i look forward to any info someone might have.