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  1. Hello,   I'm looking urgently for dog trainer around Heidelberg/ Seckenheim or a short driving distance who speak English or even just understands English (and speaks German), preferably trainers with experience dealing with anxious & reactive dogs.  If there's a training camp where the dog can be sent for a few days - it may be even better at this point (I know these are available in the US).   Thanks!
  2. Hello Fellow Toytowners, I've been living in Germany for close to three years now and I have a pretty good life with a pup (nearly 10 months old) Golden Retriever. I've enrolled in a dog training course in Speyer following a recommendation from a colleague. Although my German is reasonably good for day-to-day conversations, it has been really challenging to follow dog training instructions when it is from a local who interacts a lot with other local dog owners. Asking questions and following  It would be really helpful if you can share some inputs on English-speaking dog trainers around within 30 mins driving radius around Mannheim. I'd be happy to meet other dog owners as well if you're interested in meeting for a walk in the evening or weekends.   Thanks!