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  1. Hi Guys!   My wife had an appointment today at a doctor which we waited 4 weeks, she is expecting. She had an ectopic pregnancy before so it is very stressful procedure for her and of course we wanted to be together at this very important moment.   But doctors at the praxis have refused to make an ultrasound if we are together because they have a “without accompanied person” corona-rule. My wife and I have tried to explain them that it is very stressful procedure for her because of previous complications and we need it only first time and then she will be visiting alone. But doctors just ended the discussion very rudely and asked us to leave.   What do you think about this situation? Of course we made an another appointment at another praxis (luckly we need to wait only another 10 days), but can my wife make some kind of complain? If yes, to which authority?   Thanks!