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  1. Two living places

    Hi   I've recently separated from my physically and financially abusive husband even though i'm frightened of him i'm going to fight for the best deal for me and my son considering i moved to Germany to be with him and left my career, family and friends behind.   I have three queries:- I'm wondering why my husband is still registered to live at his parents even though he moved out 17 years ago. He also forced me and my child to be registered at his parents address even though we don't live there, so all my mail and parcels goes to their house. Whenever i questioned him he would shut me down and became very aggressive stating that in Germany you are allowed two living places. Is this actually correct? I know my husband is registered as severely disabled 'he grossly exaggerates his condition in order to receive more security at work (they cant sack him basically). As he is registered as 'schwerbehindertenausweis' he is allowed to claim travel to his medical appointments and i think he claims travel to and from work. His parents house is 15km further to his work/Dr than from where we actually live. Could this be classified as tax fraud?   My husband is also refusing to pay child maintenance stating that based on his disability he wouldn't be able to meet the suggested payment on the dusseldorfer table as his travel expenses are too high he earns around 30k a year. It's very upsetting that he is not willingly to support his baby son and will try and scam the system.   Where would be the best country to divorce as i'm applying for a relocation order back to the UK and when i'm there i plan on divorcing him. But i've been told it may be more beneficial to divorce him in Germany. All i want is some of his pension and half his savings (the proceeds of our martial home which he's banked and kept for himself). Can i apply for pension sharing if i divorce him in the UK? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated