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  1. My wife and I are both non-German nationals who got married in Denmark.  I have moved back home about two years ago (outside EU) while my wife still lives in Germany.  We would like to get divorced and based on what I read it seems easiest to do it in Germany, and for the person outside (me) to initiate the process.  I'm a bit confused about how to do that though, will it be possible to carry out the whole divorce process remotely?  I can't really feasibly come to Germany right now.  Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Recognition of divorce

    So I want to marry my German girlfriend sometime in the not too distant future. But it seems the authorities here don't recognise my divorce!?   Heres the background. I was married in New Zealand around 17yrs ago, and divorced in Australia around 10yrs ago. Apparently I need some kind of recognition from New Zealand that I am divorced. This doesn't really make a lot of sense to me.   Has anyone had to go through this, and have any pointers of what it actually entails?
  3. Hi, I have gotten married in India and have been married for 3 years living in Germany with my ex-husband. My husband and I are separated since past 1.5 months. He has moved out of the apartment. Do I have to legally start the separation process or has it already begun? What are the changes I must do since I have separated? Such as changes with tax class, visa etc.? I request you to kindly guide me with this since I am clueless with the procedure. Thank you.
  4. Me and my ex got a German divorce in 2015, after many years living here. Now we are both separately considering moving back to UK. Can she come after me again in the UK?
  5. So I have a sort of unique question regarding taxes and divorce and house sales that hopefully someone can help me out with. I already used the search function but didnt see anything pertaining to my situation. So here it goes:   Wife (who is German) and I (American) move back to Germany in early 2017. We sell our home in the California and buy a home here in Germany outright with no mortgage in the end of 2017. House was listed for 390K euro and when it was all said and done it was about 425K ish euro after Makler and Notar fees.    Wife and I are now separated, still really good friends but wont be getting back together. Ive moved out into my own apartment but have not yet registered because we are trying to figure out what to do with the house and tax issues. We are still married on paper and for all anyone in the government knows, I live in the house with her. The house also has a small apartment attached to it that we rent out for 500euro a month.   Wife wants to buy my half of the house from me as she hates moving and likes the house. Ive tried to tell her thats a poor decision on her part financially to take a loan for 250K to give to me on a single income and we could probably sell the house for 550K-600k (we did some renovations and the market has gone way up. just my estimation). I told her I could walk away from it for 250K euro though if she's that passionate about it. I would then wire the money to my american investment account.   What's smarter tax wise? both of us selling the house and splitting it 50/50 or her buying me out? My argument was we took money which we already paid taxes on in the states and bought a home here with it. If I dont really profit off the home ie just get my half of the money out, do I still have to pay taxes to the Germans for 250k since I sort of already paid taxes on it years ago in the states? Or am I going to have to pay the germans like 25% tax on my 250K. I am 100% with the VA and live on that income which is not taxed here in Germany but I know can be used to jump me into another tax class.   Just curious on anyone's thoughts. I know we will need to speak to a German tax person, just wanted to get a general consensus on the idea before hand. All of this is new to me and not my area of expertise.