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  1. Hi all,   I have a case a bit more peculiar, and I was wondering if someone had something similar and can advise.   Long story short: Some years ago, I rented an apt in RLP from an old lady (let's call her Mrs M). Since she was very old, her kids were taking care of the property and I was in touch with them for any issues that might occur. Old lady died in Mar 2018, but nobody told me, I found out only 6 months later, in Sep 2018, when my rent was returned by my bank with "closed account" comment. I contacted the daughter (let's call her Mrs I) and we agreed I will pay the money from that moment into her daughter (let's call her Ms S) account (so the niece of the ex-landlord, who was dead now). So I started to do so.   In Oct 2019, I moved out, leaving with a clean handover document for the apt, with everything in good order. But some months later, I still did not get my deposit back. After some really tiring hassle (official request with tracking, then involving of a lawyer, then letter from lawyer, reaching to court), I got the Mainz Court decision that I should get back my deposit, together with my lawyer fees and some money that my lawyer knew I will be entitled to. Till here, all quite clean, but now it starts the complicated part.   The bailiff was sent to the house of Mrs I to execute the Court Order, but Mrs I declared under vow that she does not have any belongings. When asked about the details of this declaration and why the house I used to live in is not in her belongings, the bailiff replied officially that all was done in proper order and that both offsprings of Mrs M, the dead lady, declined the inheritance of that house (attached you may see the bailiff's reply).   Currently my lawyer is totally silent, and I see he does not know how to tackle this case.   What is your advise? Legally, from where shall I claim my deposit in this case? Because it seems my Court decision is good to be thrown on the window...   Since starting Sep 2018 till moment of my movement, in Oct 2019, the rent was sent to Mrs S account, but she is a minor (and daughter of daugther of the ex-landlord). Shall I ask to my lawyer to make connection between old lady and the money sent in her niece's account? Shall I ask my lawyer to ask from Mrs I all the money paid to Ms S (her minor daughter) starting Sep 2018, as benefits to which not her or her daughter were entitled to? I really don;t know which are my options in this case.   Many thanks in advance for any advice, since it seems more complicated than I ever believed it could be...