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  1. Hello Everyone,   I have a question concerning family health coverage an VA disability payments as income.   My wife is in Germany and I will join her there soon. She is a member of the Public Healthcare System (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung or GKV). I would would like to be added to her Healthcare as an unemployed spouse (Familienversicherung), to avoid paying additional fees or payments.   As I understand, my “total income” (Gesamteinkommen) must be below €450 per month. As a veteran that receives a VA disability payment well over that amount, I still would qualify to be added to her healthcare as I have no other income from any other sources that approaches €450 per month. The VA compensation is tax-free income (Steuerfrei Einkommen) and does not count toward the “total income” (Gesamteinkommen), as such I would be below the €450 threshold.   I do understand that VA disability is ultimately taxed in German through the Progressive clause (Progressionsvorbehalt), which basically increases your tax bracket. However, am I correct in my assertion that the VA Disability does not count as income in determining rates for Public Health Insurance in Germany?   Thank You