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  1. Hello Everyone,   I have a question concerning family health coverage an VA disability payments as income.   My wife is in Germany and I will join her there soon. She is a member of the Public Healthcare System (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung or GKV). I would would like to be added to her Healthcare as an unemployed spouse (Familienversicherung), to avoid paying additional fees or payments.   As I understand, my “total income” (Gesamteinkommen) must be below €450 per month. As a veteran that receives a VA disability payment well over that amount, I still would qualify to be added to her healthcare as I have no other income from any other sources that approaches €450 per month. The VA compensation is tax-free income (Steuerfrei Einkommen) and does not count toward the “total income” (Gesamteinkommen), as such I would be below the €450 threshold.   I do understand that VA disability is ultimately taxed in German through the Progressive clause (Progressionsvorbehalt), which basically increases your tax bracket. However, am I correct in my assertion that the VA Disability does not count as income in determining rates for Public Health Insurance in Germany?   Thank You
  2. Hello all!   I wanted to ask a few questions on my situation. I was working for a company under the SOFA agreement and recently quit to work for another company. Well it turns out that the company cannot have me under the SOFA agreement and I have another 35 days to decide if I want to switch to the German system or go back stateside until I find employment under the SOFA agreement again. With that being said, I wanted to understand what kind of taxes will I be looking at with switching to the German system. What taxes will I be liable to pay for Germany if I do end up getting a work VISA to work here with the American government.   My other question is regarding my VA disability compensation. I am considered retired from the Army, but medically. Which means, that I do not get any retirement pay other than my VA disability compensation, but I do have health insurance through TRICARE. Would my Disability compensation be taxed, even though it is not taxable in the U.S.? I was reading up on the Tax treaty and my understanding of it, is that Germany wouldn't tax something that the American government does not tax. Also see below, a paragraph from the IRS:   ARTICLE 19 Government Service; Social Security 1. a) Wages, salaries, and similar compensation and pensions paid by the United States or by its states or political subdivisions to a natural person, other than a German national, shall be exempt from tax by the Federal Republic of Germany.   I bring up the disability issue because although I do work sometimes, I cannot really hold employment for too long(I have been trying), as I have been jumping around from positions to others. I have a lot of medical issues that really put a toll on my ability to work, but not all the time.   For those who ask why I want to stay in Germany, well I have been here for over 5 years and I kind of feel attached already(Somewhat home). I really have nothing back in the states, all of my family moved back to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic and have no other real reason why to go back.   I just want to get some clarification and hopefully some sort of understanding from other individuals that may have gone through the same process or know any information about this. I tried contacting so far, 3 different German lawyers and I did not get much help(None seemed to speak English, yes I was being nice, my German is not that great, still taking German classes).   Can anyone confirm this information or has any experience on this? Thank you very much in advance!