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  1. Help with a few VAT questions

    Hello,   I had a few questions about VAT and was hoping someone could help me with a few questions.   Some info about my business: Online marketplace (multivendor) selling subscription fees to sellers to list their products on my site and also charging a 5% commission fee based on the sales they have made on my site. -All sellers are within the EU (and responsible for their own VAT obligations & TOC for selling their products). -My business will be: sole proprietorship, not registered in the Handelsregister  & expecting to make under € 10,000 for next 2 years.   My questions: Must I charge VAT on the % of commission sales? Does this matter if the seller already has charged VAT for selling their product or not? Is there a special VAT rate % for digital services? Since I will be below the threshold (for selling subscription plans + commission % fee) for countries in the EU, do I still need to charge VAT & register with MOSS since I am selling cross border? *If yes, do I charge them all German VAT or VAT of their countries? This will be a side job for me as I already have a part-time job with an employer. Does this mean when I file my taxes every year, I must combine my earrings with my online marketplace + part-time job or will these be kept separate? Also if combined, does this amount get put towards the threshold of the amounts for my online marketplace?   Thanks for your help!   Best, Michelle