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  1. How to use the ignore function

                                   How to Ignore     by dessa_d   1. Actually wish to ignore the user you wish to ignore. Wishing to wish you didn't want to see what they have to say will not suffice, unfortunately. It's important to work through any denial in this regard in order for the feature to function properly.   2. Adjust your settings to include the user to be ignored on your Ignored User list. If the person is particularly odious and/or aggressive, be sure to ignore their PMs also.   3. Scroll past the bit of white space with the tiny text when it appears on your screen and do not bother to read whose post it is you've Chosen to Ignore (assuming you have more than one person on your list, which, let's face it, if you need this tutorial, then you probably have half the active users on iggy). It doesn't matter whose post it is. Scroll past it and enjoy the peace and quiet.   4. If you do opt to Show This Post you must understand it as a secret act, the weak, spineless commission of which must be guarded dearly until your natural death, lest you bring shame unto your family and besmirch the name of your dynasty with an irretrievable loss of face.    In other words, if you looky, don't tell no one, geddit? It's between you and your maker. No one else needs or wants to know about your temporary lapse of judgment, overwhelming curiosity in the moment, or plain old denial about wishing to wish you would wish to want to ignore any given user.   5. Do not, under any circumstances, publicly post that you have a given member on ignore. Not punishable by death but decidedly indecorous and guaranteed to elicit a response from that user, which is the opposite of your purported aim--minimizing exposure/interaction with that person, and which will inevitably lead to more posts you'll have to "ignore".   5a. Same applies to individual comments as well. Posts such as, "ohhh, did TingleTongle1966 write something to or about me, cos if they did, I would be the last to know OR care," are punishable by up to ten years shame on your family. You shouldn't know they posted anything at all (you don't bother reading whose post it is). You damn sure shouldn't assume they wrote anything about you (you flaming narcissist). And you're not allowed to care what they do because they are dead to you now. That's the beauty of Ignore. It's like blotting out their existence but without all the messy pickaxe, dismemberment, interment and going on the lam as a one-armed man of actually having to kill them.   6. DO NOT, under any circumstances, post a screen shot of the You Have Chosen To Ignore PigSnot69 message! Ever! Evereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverever! Never!   7. EVER!!!!!!   8. Do not, after posting the screenshot of the post you didn't not read, protest that you can't be accused of engaging the person because you're "not even answering" them. Failure. You have failed. As a man/woman/father/mother/son/daughter/brother/sister/aunt/uncle/niece/nephew/spouse/partner/occasional shag/passing acquaintance/earthling/friend. If you have a pet you have failed them too but purely by Bob's grace they won't know it. Punishment: a lifetime of knowing how badly you have failed, the knowledge that everyone else saw you fail and thought you looked like a twat, shame on your family for all future generations, possible death by embarrassment, likelihood of dedicated, pinned post in metachat by admin to publicly shame you. And five years' bad Chinese takeaway.     This has been a public service announcement