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  1. I recently visited a new dentist for a regular checkup as we moved to this region a few months ago. He made an appointment for 2-3 tooth-filling jobs. But apparently, he was too busy on the appointed day, so he cut down my fillings to only urgent ones. I was OK with this modification as the dentist had been sick the whole week before and his praxis was closed for one week.    However, when I was lying on the dental chair, he spontaneously decided to do my filling without giving any local anesthesia. I guess he wanted to save time, finish my job quickly, and get to other patients. The problem was that he didn't ask for my consent nor informed me about this decision. I only realized what he was doing when he was already in the middle of drilling my teeth. I shouted in pain and raised my hand to inform him about my painful condition. But he just confirmed the pain and continued his work. Even when he paused for a few seconds to switch the drill's needle, I told him about the pain and asked him for anesthesia. But he simply said, "it is not required!" During the next phase of the drilling, I experienced such constant, tremendous pain, which left me no choice other than grabbing his arm and pulling it out of my mouth. I guess I was super lucky that I didn't lose my tongue or cause any other sort of damage to myself by that desperate reaction.   As soon as the filling job was done, I said tschüss and went home and took 2 painkiller pills to get rid of the headache! But I felt horrified, shocked, and humiliated. Something I've never experienced in any other German or non-German dental practice. I guess that was how veterinary dental operations were done around 30 years ago!
  2. I recently had a couple of tooth fillings with composite material, and the way I was charged was exactly similar to what you can see in this dispute. There are additional rows in the invoice saying "Adhäsive Befestigung" per filled tooth, which is about 16€ each. But my private insurance refuses to reimburse it by saying: "Der Ansatz der Ziffer 2197 ist bereits Leistungsinhalt der Ziffer 2080 und kann nicht zusaetlich berechnet werden".   I'm not sure if I understood the verdict and the reasoning in the above this dispute. Does it mean that neither private nor public insurance is obliged to pay those costs? I found it a little strange. I intentionally chose a comprehensive private dental insurance a few years ago to make sure I do not have to pay anything when I need such fillings.