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  1. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    I really hope someone can help me.   This morning I had a court baliff arrive at my door. She asked for my boyfriend who lives here with me and I told her he was at work (he was). She said she'd written to say she was coming today and was asking for 5,000€. She said she was coming in to my home to find anything of value to sell to repay the debt (good luck). I told her she was not coming in and that I did not understand German very well (this is the truth).  1. She did not give any identification 2. She showed me no court letter 3. She left no contact details. 4. She said she would come back 5. She said my boyfriend would be put in jail.   We have not recieved any letter from either courts or debt collectors and he has lived here nearly 3 years.   She said it was to do with courts in Bavaria but left no information about the debt or courts. My boyfriend lived in Bavaria for 15 years but left and moved back to the uk about 15 years ago.   She asked for my personal information amd I refused to give it. She then very angrily said I could shut my door.   I have no idea what my rights are here in Germany.  What can or can't a baliff do? I speak little German and have mental health problems (in uk I am classed as a vulnerable adult). I also have 2 children and I don't want them scared or their possessions taken. We are in a very bad situation financially and are moving back to the uk soon.   Thank you for reading 
  2. What is AMVI???

    Hello! I got a call from a Debt Collector about a company in Germany called AMVI that says we owe them money. I have been out or Germany for 4 years and is wondering if any of you have heard of AMVI? I have searched Google and cant find anything on them. Also my wife told me that any debts in Germany older than 2 years falls off and isn't tried to be collected anymore? Is that true?
  3. I have issued a Vollstreckungsbescheid against a former vermieter who has failed to return my deposit to me.  My question is what will the court do from this point forward in order to return those funds to me?   The matter may be complicated by the following:   1.) the vermieter (or the renter of the property) is not the actual owner of the property 2.) he is an artist and may be hiding his money in cash  3.) he still collects rent from other tenants in order to pay the owner    Depending on the answers here I think I may never actually see my deposit again.    This vermieter has also failed to pay back 2 other previous renters.     In the event that civil action proves fruitless could i move forward to push criminal charges?  The amount owed to me alone is 1800 eur - combined with the amounts owed to others it is likely over 3000 eur    many thanks!   ps - does the Vollstreckungsbescheid have an expiry date or would it stay in effect until i get paid?  As some point in the future he will have funds and at that point I could have them seized?