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  1. Hey everyone,   Can someone please help me to figure the proper response/action to the lawyer firm that my former gym (Clever Fit) hired to charge me for the two months (+ all other "debt" fees) when they were closed during Corona-Crisis?   So here is the case:   * I always paid in cash, every month, never gave them SEPA mandate (probably irrelevant, just in case). * I properly notified them about termination and received an official confirmation that the last contract day is June 30th, 2020 (was long before all this Corona problems). * Then they closed somewhere in the middle of March because of Corona-Crisis and re-opened only in June (I paid for March entirely and have a receipt) * If I understood this article correctly people are not supposed to pay for the period when gym is closed. And if people are somehow charged then they are entitled either for refund, extension of the contract or some "vouchers". But since I always paid in cash they couldn't automatically charge me and I was sure I don't have to pay for that either. * When in April I received a letter from them that I should pay for April, I sent them e-mail (noted in their letter) that I'm not going to pay for any month that they are closed, and that my termination date is already known and irreversible, and I cannot and don't want to extend it. * There were a number of e-mail conversations (in German, I didn't use English to avoid misunderstanding) till September, and their stance was something like this `Diesbezüglich haben wir Rücksprache mit der Rechtsabteilung gehalten. Diese teilte uns mit, dass wir Anspruch auf Zahlung der vertraglich vereinbarten Beiträge für die entsprechende Laufzeit.` and at some point they stopped replying to my emails. * When they re-opened in June I transferred (on 09.06.2020) money for June + a full half-year service fee, and transfer included the following "Verwendungszweck":`Letzler Beitrag für JUNI (02.06.2020 - 30.06.2020) und halbjährliche Servicepauschale. My Name and client number`. I have a bank statement that clearly indicates that note.   But what they eventually did is that they claimed this transfer was for April and May (when they were closed, funnily enough the amount is the same) and that I should still pay for June + service fee. I pointed to their mistake providing a bank statement and reminding them that I'm not supposed to pay for May and April, but they never replied. And today I received a letter from their lawyer firm with the following content (I highlighted the part where they specifically mention period for what I already paid):   ``` in vorbezeichneter Angelegenheit zeigen wir an, dass wir die rechtlichen Interessen der Firma CF Berlin GmbH anwaltlich vertreten. Eine auf uns lautende entsprechende Legitimierung wird anwaltlich versichert. Sie sind Ihren Zahlungsverpflichtungen aus dem mit unserer Mandantschaft geschlossenen Mitgliedsvertrag nicht nachgekommen. Art und Höhe der bislang offenen Haupt- und Nebenforderung entnehmen Sie bitte dem beiliegenden Forderungskonto. Aufgrund des eingetretenen Zahlungsverzugs sind Sie gern. §§ 286 Abs 1, 288 BGB verpflichtet, die damit einhergehenden Verzugsschäden zu tragen. Hierunter fallen auch die hier angefallenen RA-Gebühren, die Sie bitte ebenfalls dem beiliegenden Forderungskonto entnehmen. ... Namens und in Vollmacht unserer Mandantschaft fordern wir Sie auf, die Gesamtforderung bis spätestens zum 17.10.2020 auf eines unserer Kanzleikonten zu überweisen. Wir haben Geldempfangsvollmacht. Bitte geben Sie immer unser genanntes Aktenzeichen an, damit Ihre Zahlung hier im Haus zugeordnet werden kann. Sofern Sie den Gesamtbetrag nicht in einer Summe zahlen können, besteht die Möglichkeit, eine angemessene Ratenzahlung zu vereinbaren. Zwecks Klärung der Abzahlungsmodalitäten setzen Sie sich bitte ebenfalls bis zur oben genannten Frist schriftlich mit unserer Kanzlei in Verbindung. Bei fruchtlosem Fristablauf werden wir gerichtliche Schritte gegen Sie einleiten. Es wird ausdrücklich auf die hierdurch für Sie entstehenden Mehrkosten und Unannehmlichkeiten hingewiesen. ... * Mitgliederbeitrag vom 01.06.20 bis 30.06.20, Hauptforderung 5 %-Punkte über Basiszins (Zinsen ab Zustellung MB) 19.90€ * Servicepauschale vom 01.01 20 bis 31.05.20 Hauptforderung 5 %-Punkte über Basiszins (Zinsen ab Zustellung MB) 19.90€ * Mahnkosten 22.50€ * RA-Geb. Nr. 2300 VV RVG (Gegenstandswert 39.80 €) Basiszins -0,88 % 70.20€   GESAMTFORDERUNG 132,50 € ```   Did I do something wrong in this case or am I missing something? And what would be the appropriate course of action for me?   P.S: One could think I could support them in this hard time and pay for the period when they were closed. And initially they claimed just 39.80 €, so it's not about money really. The thing is that gym was dirty all the time, most of the trainers were incompetent, some were rude. That's why I decided to terminate the contract in the first place and I don't want to "support/finance" them just out of principle now. Thanks a lot for the help! Alex  
  2. Hello, hope you are well. I have a limited IT services company which I am remotely working from here in the UK. I had a client who is a German based startup and the client owes two invoice payments due for couple of months. But the client has not paid and is not giving any replies to my reminders for months. The contract is also setup under German law. I am considering a debt collection agency that will take a percentage of any amount is received. Would it be easier to go through a court case? If so, could anyone please let me know the process to raise a court case?  Any advice on what else I can try to get the invoice amount from them?