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  1. Hello Toytown Germany community,   I hope I'm not repeating a question that's already been discussed before, but I haven't been able to find anything on the form to answer it.   I currently hold a Blue Card EU. I tried to apply for Daueraufenthalt-EU, but was told that I need 60 months of pension plan payments. Although I've been in Germany for just about 10 years, I was a freelancer for most of that time, and so I have just about 2 years of pension plan payments as I've been fully employed since October 2019.   I know that, according to § 18c, having a Blue Card EU allows me to apply for Niederlassungserlaubnis after only 21 months of pension plan payments (I have C1 level German), and I was told by the Ausländeramt that I am indeed eligible to apply for it. However, between the Blue Card EU and the Niederlassungserlaubnis, I would rather keep the Blue Card. Although § 18c doesn't reference the Daueraufenthalt-EU, I was hoping that the law applies based on § 9a Absatz 1 Satz 3, which says that in areas not explicitly regulated by the Daueraufenthalt-EU law, the Niederlassungserlaubnis law applies. It also seems to me that the Daueraufenthalt-EU is the next logical step after Blue Card EU, so it was strange to be told that the advantage provided by the Blue Card EU in the context of the Niederlassungserlaubnis does not apply for the Daueraufenthalt-EU.   Does that make any sense to anyone?   I'm thinking of going to an immigration lawyer to get a professional consultation, but thought I'd get some opinions from here first.   Regards, Karim