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  1. Is it possible to get a Daueraufenthalt as a kleinunternehmer?   I understand there are other requirements regarding pension, etc. But assuming all those requirements are met, is it possible as a kleinunternehmer to get a Daueraufenthalt / EU long-term residence permit?  
  2. I haven't seen this aspect of the process discussed in detail or with actual numbers in any of the other posts so I'm hoping those who have gone through the process can share   What are people's experiences in terms of the wait time, starting from when you submit your Daueraufenthalt application?    1. until you got a response (e.g. 1 week, 2 months?) and  2. duration until your given interview date (4 months, 12 months?)   I'm asking just to understand if it will be a few months between the time I apply and when I have the interview, or if it will be >6 months, >12 months etc.   Thanks in advance!    
  3. Hi Toytown folks, My wife and I (both from Turkey) have been resident in Germany with a residence title for more than 5 years. Currently, we are living in Stuttgart, and both have a fixed-term employment contract since we are working at universities in temporary projects. The contract of my wife will terminate on August 31, and she would like to apply for Niederlassungserlaubnis or Daueraufenthalt EU. Briefly, after finishing her Master’s degree in Germany, she has worked (in a job that relates to her studies) and paid into the federal pension fund for 2 years (and 3 months), and she has a B2 certificate. Unfortunately, she could not find a job here so far. Do you happen to know? What is the minimum contract duration and salary needed to obtain "Niederlassungserlaubnis" in her situation? Or can she apply directly even before finding a job, considering my earning (living together)? In case she cannot find a job by the end of this month, she can obtain spouse residence permit (I have a permit until 2021). But in this case, her residence permit status will also change (from “18 ABS 4 s1” to “spouse”). Do you happen to know, can she still keep her right to apply "directly" for Niederlassungserlaubnis after finding a job? She has also received a job offer from the Netherlands (for 1 year). If she starts working there, can she still keep her right to apply "directly" for Niederlassungserlaubnis after finding a job in Germany? Finally, in case she is currently eligible to apply and we couldn't find an appointment for Niederlassungserlaubnis (Stuttgart is very busy), can she apply for a Fiktionsbescheinigung (in the meantime) and hand in her "Niederlassungserlaubnis" application later? This has become really important part of our life. Thus, I would greatly appreciate your answers. Thanks a lot! Best, Kaan
  4.  Hello,   Refer to the attached extract from the following website-   Could you please let me know what does the following sentence mean? "Wenn der Antrag abgelehnt werden muss"   1) When the application is rejected by the authorities 2) When the application is withdrawn by the applicant   Thanks, Aman