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  1. I know this question is probably like a needle in a haystack, but if there is anyone who happened to be a member of either Match International ( - International version) or between the years (approximately) 2000-2010, could you please share what the monthly membership rate was during that time (or PM me with the info)?    Thank you very much... your assistance would be most appreciated. 
  2. So first I would start by saying, every relationship is different so I recognise what the cultural standards are might not apply directly to my individual person. However, I'm curious about the cultural context so I can better understand the right time to express these words.    I've been seeing a guy for only 6 months. We spend most nights together, have met each others friends, and have gone on holiday together twice. I have no doubt from his actions (he is consistent, caring, and honest) that he genuinely feels for me. Although we have only spoken about it lightly, I think we both believe there is potential for this to evolve into the "real deal." That being said, we've known each other for only 6 months and nobody is rushing. We both prefer to take things slow, which I appreciate, because I know every step we take we are really ready for.    Some cultural context: He's German, I'm American, and we're both in our early 30s.    In the States, we have a very different meaning of the words "I love you" (or at least I think we do, based on what I have heard). In most of my relationships in the US, people typically say "I love you" after only 3 months. This is because in the US "I love you" means more something like "I am passionate about you" rather than "I am confident I see myself committing to you forever."   I realise this does not apply here, at all, and it is quite normal for couples to wait a while because "Ich liebe dich" means something more like "you're the love of my life, and I plan to commit to you forever."   As an American, I keep feeling the urge to tell my boyfriend "I love you," but I have held off because I realise these words carry much more weight here in Germany, and I care about him deeply so I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable by me using words he will interpret too strongly.    I did say "I am starting to fall for you, does that scare you?" and he said it does not and he is as well, so I feel very emotionally secure. I am just asking this out of respect to him because I want to understand his culture better before dropping the "L bomb"   My question is: When do couples in their 30s in Germany typically begin to say "Ich liebe dich" - again, every couple is unique! I'm just curious about the culture standard. I have a feeling if I said these words now it would be shockingly too soon, so I'm asking when it becomes culturally appropriate.    I'm guessing its something like 3 mo: probably crazy and/or emotionally immature 6 mo: could happen, but probably too soon unless you knew someone for a while before starting to date because how well can you really know someone by then enough to know you want to commit to them? 9 mo-12mo: probably the right time More than 12mo: something could be missing if people don't feel the meaning of "Ich liebe dich" by then   What do you all think? When did you and your German SO exchange these big words?   Cheers