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  1. Confirmation that Britain is an island.   I went across to UK at new year and went over the Dartford crossing. I duly set up an account and gave the 10 quid, registering  my Göttingen registered car (plate GÖ) in the system   Got a fine through the post a month ago for 100 Euros each way!   Made "representation" on the web site connecting the car to the account. Got another demand today for 150 each way 'cos I hadn't paid and hadn't made representation!!   Ended up ringing them... premium number.   The programmers that did the English system, designed to catch us foreign motorists, didn't include the ability to recognise a "Ö". They said I should change it to a "O"!!   And I now need to write a letter to stop further action ... online it seems was not good enough!!!!!!!!   Warning for all that may have a car with an umlaut!!!