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  1. Hi everyone,   I would like your advice on buying a home in Germany. in Besichtigungstermin (viewing appointment) what are the right/important questions to ask? Asking for a credit directly from a bank is it ok that they want all kind of really personal information just to give you a credit offer?! Einkommens- und Vermögensauskunft Kopie Personalausweis/Reisepass Lohn-/Gehaltsnachweise der letzten drei Monate Einkommenssteuerbescheid Kopie Kontoauszüge/Depotauszüge/Bauspar- und Versicherungsunterlagen   I requested the Grundbuchauszug der Wohnung from the Makler after the viewing appointment, but I was told that this will be given directly to the bank when we secure the credit and we really want to buy it?   Any help is appreciated. Thank you.