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  1. Problems Installing COVpass app

    so tried to download this covpass app from koch institute via google play store..also tried another app to load the vaccination bar code. Both apps come up in google play that they can only be downloaded form germany. my google play account I guess is set to usa. I can see a greyed out field that says switch to germany which does not work. I have tried to change the country in google play via the process i found on the internet. nothing works. I tried to add a local credit card when I click on the tab it says it takes 48 hours but it never allows me the option to even add the credit card data which the process says is required. I will try not to rant here about another invasion of google into my personal life and why this app can not be installed directly from robert koch if they want to controll my life with this garbage for another time. I have read that others also cannot change the country as well with no solution that iI have seen. any ideas on how to proceed as I know in the future we wil lbe back to this ridiculus idea of a rapid tesst to go into anything but a grocery store and or carrying arround vaccination papers even if you have to wear a mask anyway. Any ideas here? anyone else have the same problem?