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  1. Can anyone give advice from their direct experience of having been tested for COVID in Berlin? I looked, but the 258 page Coronavirus thread is simply too large to find this information easily. Our 8 year-old went back to school a week ago and we got a phone call from her teacher yesterday to inform us that one of her class-mates has tested positive for Coronavirus. Her class has been cancelled, naturally, and we will probably have have to go into isolation - and endure the miseries of even more home-teaching :-( I’m not sure if the whole school closes in this situation but I expect that things will proceed according to a predetermined strategy. Up to this point they’ve been pretty careful with dividing the classes, distancing and wearing masks. The teacher said that we’ll get more information on Monday but I don’t know exactly how much we’ll learn or how quickly things will happen. My concern is that our whole family get tested as soon as possible so that we can get information to others that we may have been in contact with during the last week. We also need to know whether we need to quarantine or not. I was hoping to hear from a Toytowner in Berlin who has undergone the process of testing, who could help us with the following questions: How quickly can one arrange a test in Berlin? How long do you have to wait to get results? Does the same test check for antibodies (indicating a previous infection) or do you have to take a different test for that (a blood test for instance)? I’m not so concerned about the actual experience of being tested - which I’ve heard is pretty uncomfortable - but more about arranging the process.   Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Coronavirus study

    Just wanted to draw people's attention to a study that I have posted about here.
  3. Hi Guys! I just received a notification that my travel insurance back in my country (for staying in Germany for 7 months), doesn't cover pandemies (covid19). Does someone know if the German government is covering covid19 for everybody under some special condition? (a link would be great). I still have 1 month here, and no covid19 symptoms. Thank you,
  4. I've been worrying about the coronavirus pandemic causing another even more serious (than the last time) banking crisis and widespread bank failures and now there's this article in The Atlantic. It refers only to the US financial system, but the last financial crisis started there too.   The Looming Bank Collapse by Frank Partnoy   "The U.S. financial system could be on the cusp of calamity. This time, we might not be able to save it."   Radio discussion with the author: Coronavirus Economy: Are Big Banks On The Verge Of Financial Crisis?   "Could the U.S. be on the verge of a financial crash? That's what Frank Partnoy [law and business professor at UC Berkeley, international research fellow at Oxford University] considers in a recent article in The Atlantic. He joins us to talk about the possibility of a financial crash and the risks big banks are taking."   In the news today about Europe's biggest bank:   HSBC to speed up 35,000 job cuts as profits slump   "HSBC plans to speed up job cuts after interim profits plunged and the bank said bad loans linked to the coronavirus could reach $13bn (£9.8bn). ... Europe's biggest bank reported a 65% drop in pre-tax profits to $4.3bn for the first half of the year - much steeper than analysts had forecast. HSBC also said it set aside between $8bn and $13bn this year for bad loans as it expects more people and businesses to default on their repayments because of the coronavirus pandemic."   If a bank collapses in the eurozone or the UK, the maximum each customer would get back, in theory, per separate institution is EUR 100,000 or GBP 85,000. Any savings beyond that would be forfeited.  
  5. England is lifting quarantine restrictions for people arriving from certain countries, including Germany, but the other parts of the UK haven't. Anyone have any idea where this leaves someone flying from Germany via London to a destination in Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland? Do they have to quarantine? Can't find info anywhere. It seems that you still do have to complete a form and have it ready for border control.