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  1. A US-American friend of mine wants to remain in Berlin beyond the length of her EU travel visa, which expires mid-May. According to what I could find out on, "force majeur" (ie "acts of god") are a valid reason for extending a tourist visa; included in that should be 1) flight cancellations due to COVID-19; 2) not wanting to board an airplane during the coronavirus crisis; 3) not wanting to enter a heavily infected New York City (which may already bar her entry by that point anyway). Also according to this page on,  people who are "required to leave" should not apply for a tourist visa extension until two weeks or less of the visa expiration.   Has anyone tried to extend a travel visa since the crisis started? For that matter, has anyone tried to get a residential registration (Wohnanmeldung) since the crisis started? The latter is also theoretically a requirement.
  2. After 3.5 amazing years in Berlin my husband and I had decided that we would like to move back to the UK for a multitude of reasons and I've been jobhunting for the last few months. I have a few interviews lined up (video, obviously) and am a bit confused about my options to physically move at the moment with the nightmare that is Coronavirus sweeping across the globe. My main issue is, if I'm offered a job and need to quit my job / hand in notice on my flat - 3 months standard - what happens if we then in three months can't actually physically move as borders are shut? Does anyone know the rights to return to your home country right now? I've heard of people being able to get planes, but we have a dog and the plan was to rent a car or take trains back to the UK. Flying is not an option. Am I wasting time with these applications? Do we just need to wait it out? I've been put on Kurzarbeit, which makes our finances super tight and staying here longer is really not ideal. Obviously it's a crisis though, so we've got to roll with the punches... Appreciate any insights or even just educated guesses!
  3. Hi all, started this topic to collect all the good stuff we can do while being at home during Corona virus time. It can be stuff which helps us to educate (sth besides Ted talks), or also free entertainment offerings. Please do not post pictures of funny toilet paper jokes. Think we have seen them all by now. I am starting with this here: 450 Ivy League courses you can take online rught now for free Would be cool if you can post more free stuff here. Greets
  4. Hi, I am a non-EU citizen with a German work permit and residence permit for 3 years based on a full time work contract with a tech company in Berlin. My company has suggested that, should I wish to, I may take a 6 month unpaid leave during the corona virus crisis. My question is, how will this affect my health insurance? I won't have money to pay rent or groceries, will I be eligible for any help from the government during these 6 months? I am half way through the contract and I have paid into the German social security system for 1.5 years consistently now. I have public health insurance.
  5. Hello to you all, and I hope you are keeping well out there.   A person in my course tested positive for covid-19, and some of us in the course have symptoms, me not yet, but i have health insurance, some of them don't afaik as they are here technically as students just for a 9 week bootcamp - does anyone know the situation for people like that getting tested? Also any tips for where to get tested in the city that is not going to be a crazy place?
  6. COVID-19 and Berlin‘s nightlife

    Berlin is known for its nightlife and the longterm effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on its culture could be devastating. Most nightclubs have been shut and many won’t survive longterm closures. Many places are already threatened by gentrification and this could be disastrous for Berlin. Iconic queer club and music venue SO36 has already posted on social media that they won’t last beyond one month of being closed. I’m sure we’ll also loose bars, independent cinemas, etc if this drags on even if they don’t close. I hope the government will help independent businesses out with loans, etc and I would urge people to support venues they care about via crowdfunding.