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  1. I'll be travelling to the UK 10th October - I have been very concerned that my vaccine status may be an issue as I am recovered + one shot AstraZeneca, both recorded in my ImfBuch. I also have certificates for both in my CovPas app - interestingly the single shot resulted in a certificate that states "1/1 Fully Vaccinated" - so my question is - do they consistently rely on the CovPas app to check vaccination status when entering the UK? If so will my "Fully Vaccinated" status in this app be enough even though according to the strict interpretation of current regs, I'm not UK-level vaccinated? Keen to avoid quarantine, but also keen to avoid being stopped from getting on the flight!
  2. I'm on vacation right now and I'll be back to Germany soon. I was wondering if it is allowed to take one dose of AstraZeneca vaccine here at my current location (non-EU) and the second in Germany?
  3. My mother-in-law is coming to Germany to visit and stay with us for a short period. She travels from a high-risk area. So, even though she has a negative test result, she has to home quarantine herself for 10 days. Fortunately, we have an extra room in the apartment that she can use for that purpose. However, someone told me the recent regulation says that the apartment needs to have two isolated bathrooms in such a case. Otherwise, it'll be considered as breaking the rules, and things might become complicated for her and us legally! I wondered if anyone knows any official source of German regulations about self-isolation with family? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Has anyone been to the UK in the last few weeks. I have to go because of an emergency. It seems that you have to book 2 covid tests upfront (for day 2 and 8) and provide a reference number. I am returning to Germany before Day  before day 8, and also the UK.GOV website offer a list ok providers but the first few links are broken.   Anyone had any experience recently.   Matt
  5. Problems Installing COVpass app

    so tried to download this covpass app from koch institute via google play store..also tried another app to load the vaccination bar code. Both apps come up in google play that they can only be downloaded form germany. my google play account I guess is set to usa. I can see a greyed out field that says switch to germany which does not work. I have tried to change the country in google play via the process i found on the internet. nothing works. I tried to add a local credit card when I click on the tab it says it takes 48 hours but it never allows me the option to even add the credit card data which the process says is required. I will try not to rant here about another invasion of google into my personal life and why this app can not be installed directly from robert koch if they want to controll my life with this garbage for another time. I have read that others also cannot change the country as well with no solution that iI have seen. any ideas on how to proceed as I know in the future we wil lbe back to this ridiculus idea of a rapid tesst to go into anything but a grocery store and or carrying arround vaccination papers even if you have to wear a mask anyway. Any ideas here? anyone else have the same problem?
  6. Hi I am planning on flying to the UK on Friday (evening) 11th June to see my parents, as my dad has dementia, and I haven’t seen them since December 2019. I went to my local GP in Essen today and asked them about a COVID test before I fly. My local GP said that they could do the COVID test themselves for me, but that they can’t promise the results being ready in time. They therefore suggested I check out the COVID test center at Duesseldorf Airport as a possible alternative. Has anyone got experience of using the COVID test center at Duesseldorf Airport? Do I have to: e.g. go there 2-3 days beforehand, and do the  test? Can i pick up the test results  on the Friday afternoon,  just before I fly? All and any practical advice very welcome!!!!!
  7. Quick PCR Test (<24 h)

    Does anyone know if there are places in Berlin to get a fast PCR test?  it seems easy to get a “schnell test” but those are not PCR..   I am flying through Amsterdam and they want a PCR taken less than 24 hours before arrival. 
  8. Hi all,   I am curious how many American expats have received covid stimulus checks. I received the first check last year (delayed but I received it by mail in Germany). I have yet to receive the second stimulus check ($600) and I know the $1400 checks are just now being sent out. According to the IRS website, all the second-wave checks have been mailed out and you can't even check the status on those anymore. I guess it is possible the check still could be coming on the mail (mail is really slow right now between the US and Germany). But I am starting to lose hope.    I file taxes every year (have not yet for 2020 - don't have enough information yet). Curious how many expats have received the checks effectively because of the German/US tax treaty and the ability to set off income nearly 1:1 (like with a Form 2555) + deductions, which results in little to no bottom line income in the US. I was surprised to receive the first check because had I earned my income in the US, I would not have been eligible to receive any Covid relief. But because my US income effectively nets out to $0 on my 1040, I guess it looks like I, or indeed most expats, are pretty poor. I am not complaining that I got my check - just wondering if the IRS considered that! Well...maybe for the second check they have! Anyone else out there get a check only essentially only because your bottom line 1040 nets out to a small number or $0?   Thanks! Would love to hear other experiences.