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  1. I'm trying to understand what are the medical  conditions that could lead to getting a medical exemption certificate i.e to remain teleworking or even part teleworking / part onsite.    I've been told this is only applicable for asthma. Aren't other conditions considered ?
  2. Track and Trace

    I haven't heard anything lately on tracking and tracing covid. Everything seems to be about vaccinations, restrictions, etc.   The app I have on my phone has never alerted me that I have been in close contact with a covid positive person over all of this time. Surely I have even if not too close.   I don't think that track and trace is working any more. People are getting covid and not reporting it. Maybe the hospitals are when people come in very ill. Some test positive and don't even quaranting.   So what's up with the track and trace programs?  Do they even exist any more?   If the track and trace system was working, we should have info about where most people get infected. Work, school, shopping, restaurants, home, public transportation?