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  1. Hi,   I am US citizen. My partner is Russian with 10 year old son. We have been living for past couple 3 in Montenegro and are now thinking of moving to Germany. I previously worked in Garmisch prior to moving to Montenegro, and we are specifically thinking about moving to that area.   Just trying to figure out details that are very tough to find online. Here are some things we are trying to figure out:   1. If I file for residence permit on basis of being retired and self sufficient, my understanding is that I will pay no German tax on my retirement income per US German bilateral tax agreement concerning US retirement income that is paid from US govt. But is there anything else I should be aware of regarding such income? 2. Working online: Say I get residency on basis of being retired but I also wish to work online. For instance teaching music online. Would I need German permission, or could I just do such work and file US taxes (on basis of foreign earned income exclusion) and not even think about German taxes? 3. Working in marketing for local businesses: Say we decided to try and open on online marketing business mainly targeting local clients. Would we have to go through local Arbeitsamt and register such a business, where there would be possible restrictions (such as govt saying that such work can be done by local therefore no need for a foreigner to do it)? Or maybe govt would not allow it period since I got residency on basis of self sufficiency (that is how it would be in Austria)? 4. Social benefits: As I understand, govt pays 196 a month for a child til 18 yrs? Any other benefits to calculate? 5. Medical: Since I have int'l insurance through US govt, and since my partner and son would also be covered (if we marry), would we not have to worry about paying for medical insurance in Germany? 6. Related to 5 above. If we moved on basis of me being self sufficient, would that exclude us from receiving social services like schooling for the 10 year old? Just trying to understand what restrictions residence on basis of self sufficiency entails. That said, note 2 above where we actually do want to pursue work while relying on retirement income at same time. 7. Other: I guess this is what my post was really about in first place - costs. Apart from apartment, food, services, other typical living expenses, do I need to factor anything else in (especially any mandatory govt contributions)?   thanks!