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  1. Coronavirus

    Since I couldn't find a topic on this yet (maybe I missed it) I figured I'll kick off the festivities. One of my managers is freaking out thinking this is THE virus that will wipe out a large part of the world population.    Granted, Disney Shanghai is closed, and as someone living in Orlando trust me, Disney does not close easily. Hurricane? Hunker down y'all, preferably at Epcot or Magic Kingdom.    Personally I won't change much, I've always wiped down my area of the airplane (my arm rests, tray table and tv controls) with some lysol wipes so I won't be changing THAT habit.    Thoughts? 
  2. I've looked up the regulations and I am particularly interested in people's actual experience traveling back to Germany holding an Aufenthaltstitel(permanent residency). If you have Aufenthaltstitel, a non-EU passport, and you have traveled back from a non-EU country in the past two months, I'd love to hear about your experience. - When did you come back? - Which country did you visit and stopover? - How was your experience with the customs? Thanks!
  3. What's the deal with being hospitalized for weeks due to Covid-19 and you have private health insurance? Is it exactly like any other kind of treatment you might encounter? If you're private, they pay, if you're on the state health insurance, they pay.   Or is it somehow different because it's a pandemic? A bit like when there's an act-of-god type disaster - the insurance companies get help from the governments. Just a random thought I had and figured someone here would know. I know there's no way I'd figure it out looking on my private healthcare's website or documents I was sent.
  4. Hi everyone,   Like many people here, I have been working 100% in Home Office since March, and expect to be doing so into 2021. Since my home has now become my one-and-only place of work, it's clear that I can plan to at least offset some expenses for necessary improvements to my workplace in next year's tax return. However, since I want to manage those expenses to maximise benefit, I'm slightly lacking clear guidance as to the limits.   Main source article:   How it _seems_ to me:   - I have an allowance of €1250 for the office space itself (basically, the rent), so it seems I can clearly claim that (no other workplace available) - Regarding items I want to purchase (new chair and desk), the limit is €952 per year, but I can continue to claim back on those up to the purchase price(s) in subsequent years whilst I use them. I assume this €952 allowance is in total, or is it per item?   I hope someone can clarify those a little since they affect my purchasing decisions   Many thanks
  5. Hello to all Berlin freelancers out-there, I wanted to start a thread on this topic to see if anybody was ready to share their experience here about this support money? Personally, i applied for it before the 6th of April cut date, which means that i received 5000€ that i could use also for personal expenses. It took me about 3 business days to receive the money. I found that the IBB took a long time to produce a clear enough FAQ, and clarify what conditions were attached. I still don't really know if there is a definite percentage of business loss that i should experience to be able to prove that i really needed the money. Anybody would like to share their experience here? You can also fill in this short poll (less than a min and 3 questions) as well (or instead)
  6. Good evening dear Members,   I'd like to explain a little background and then my issue which I hope I have some responses: - I came to Germany on February 2020. Registered at the KVR in March and applied for the Blue Card in March. I just got the actual card yesterday (18.07.2020) by mail. - My family was finally able to come on 20.06.2020 (after cancelling many flights). I've register them to the KVR (Anmeldung) but their entry visa (D Visa) expires on 20.07.2020. - I have already sent 3 contact forms to the Foreigner's Office through this link ( ) with the scans of all the documents (app form, marriage & birth certificate, Anmeldung, passports, rental contract, MY work contract). But I haven't got any reply yet. I have only receive a reply that says : "We have received your request. We will process it as soon as possible. Please note that we cannot answer each request immediatly, due to a high number of pending cases. This e-mail can be used as a proof that you have applied for a residence permit or the extension of your current residence permit / visa. In cases that fullfill the legal criteria, a "Fiktionswirkung" will come in effect even if you do not have a valid "Fiktionsbescheinigung" at the moment."   My wife & son's visa expires tomorrow and I know some links here:  say that I should contact them but I already have.   I would like to know if anybody has (or is having) a similar experience than me and we can help each other as well. Please let me know any information or advice that you have.    Thank you for your help & advices in advance!