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  1. Coronavirus

    Since I couldn't find a topic on this yet (maybe I missed it) I figured I'll kick off the festivities. One of my managers is freaking out thinking this is THE virus that will wipe out a large part of the world population.    Granted, Disney Shanghai is closed, and as someone living in Orlando trust me, Disney does not close easily. Hurricane? Hunker down y'all, preferably at Epcot or Magic Kingdom.    Personally I won't change much, I've always wiped down my area of the airplane (my arm rests, tray table and tv controls) with some lysol wipes so I won't be changing THAT habit.    Thoughts? 
  2. I am fully vaccinated (Pfizer BioNtech), and due to fly to the UK for four days to see family, but as the UK is now classified as a high incidence area by Robert Koch Institute, I am not even sure if I can go now if, as seems to be the case, a 14 day quarantine is required once I arrive back in Germany. Is anyone else here planning a trip to the UK from Germany soon? What are your thoughts?
  3. UK to Germany travel

    Hi all, I know there is another recent post for travel from Germany to UK but this is about travel from UK to Germany.  Has anyone travelled for personal reasons such as visiting spouse or for very essential reasons (i.e: funeral or weddings)? will the border police control ask for any documents etc?   Thank you.
  4. Hi all, It seems that every Bundesland, or even every city seem to follow the rules for Corona restrictions differently. Can anyone please tell me what is the rule about staying at a Hotel in Berlin during Easter. There seem to be a general limitation as to what circumstances are allowed for hotel stay, generally I understood only business travel is allowed but there perhaps are other exemptions?.  I believe during Xmas it was allowed if one was visiting nearest family for example.  I stayed myself in hotel here in Frankfurt in February when my inconsiderable neighbor was renovating his flat and despite a clear note in renting contract was replacing flooring and i did not wanted to get exposed to asbestos particles ( contract say there is asbestos encapsulated in the floor, why it is prohibited to touch it). At that time I just booked a hotel near my home here in Frankfurt and none even asked a question why I am staying there. So now we want to visit our daughter who lives in Berlin, we will all get tested ect but it our only chance to see each other since the beginning of pandemic so we are all willing to take a risk.   
  5. Corona hearing in fine proceedings.

    Hi guys,  I have a question. In the first day of the curfew (12th December) I was not aware about the new restriction rules and I was shopping around 21:00 o'clock at a Supermarket which was still open. At the exit the police was waiting for us and took our identity data. I am in Baden-Württemberg.   Now I received an "Anhörung im Bußgeldverfahren" as I was breaking the corona curfew. For me this seems quite unfair.They published the new rules one day before at 21:38 PM.How could they expect that everyone will be aware instantly. Even the store was not aware as they left it open. Also in the document with the new rules, in the footer is mentioned "1 Nichtamtliche konsolidierte Fassung nach Inkrafttreten der Verordnung der Landesregierung zur Änderung der Corona-Verordnung  vom 11. Dezember 2020 (notverkündet gemäß § 4 des Verkündungsgesetzes)."  If I translate it correctly it means it is kind of unofficial. Should I answer to the form they sent me, or I just incriminate myself more. I am really annoyed as this is unfair, you cannot change rules with less than 24 hours ,and then also go and hunt people, instead of just informing them and give them a warning in the worst case. To get a lawyer I think it will be more expensive than the fine ?    Any ideas, advices ?   Thanks.