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  1. I am fully vaccinated (Pfizer BioNtech), and due to fly to the UK for four days to see family, but as the UK is now classified as a high incidence area by Robert Koch Institute, I am not even sure if I can go now if, as seems to be the case, a 14 day quarantine is required once I arrive back in Germany. Is anyone else here planning a trip to the UK from Germany soon? What are your thoughts?
  2. I'm obviously not up to date, but this got me curious.   Last time I checked place was supposed to be closed due to eviction, then it turned to vaccination center and I stopped following. Today I saw some pictures from 2021 from which it seems that it's thriving again. What happened? How did it come back to life again?   Second thing, are such parties even allowed? And by this I don't mean nudity and public coetus. I mean everyone crowding without mask indoor, dancing, etc. How did they find a workaround in the face of statutory, night-life-slaughtering, covid regulations of last 2 years? Meanwhile other places during summer required to wear a mask even outisde.