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  1. Coronavirus

    Since I couldn't find a topic on this yet (maybe I missed it) I figured I'll kick off the festivities. One of my managers is freaking out thinking this is THE virus that will wipe out a large part of the world population.    Granted, Disney Shanghai is closed, and as someone living in Orlando trust me, Disney does not close easily. Hurricane? Hunker down y'all, preferably at Epcot or Magic Kingdom.    Personally I won't change much, I've always wiped down my area of the airplane (my arm rests, tray table and tv controls) with some lysol wipes so I won't be changing THAT habit.    Thoughts? 
  2. Corona hearing in fine proceedings.

    Hi guys,  I have a question. In the first day of the curfew (12th December) I was not aware about the new restriction rules and I was shopping around 21:00 o'clock at a Supermarket which was still open. At the exit the police was waiting for us and took our identity data. I am in Baden-Württemberg.   Now I received an "Anhörung im Bußgeldverfahren" as I was breaking the corona curfew. For me this seems quite unfair.They published the new rules one day before at 21:38 PM.How could they expect that everyone will be aware instantly. Even the store was not aware as they left it open. Also in the document with the new rules, in the footer is mentioned "1 Nichtamtliche konsolidierte Fassung nach Inkrafttreten der Verordnung der Landesregierung zur Änderung der Corona-Verordnung  vom 11. Dezember 2020 (notverkündet gemäß § 4 des Verkündungsgesetzes)."  If I translate it correctly it means it is kind of unofficial. Should I answer to the form they sent me, or I just incriminate myself more. I am really annoyed as this is unfair, you cannot change rules with less than 24 hours ,and then also go and hunt people, instead of just informing them and give them a warning in the worst case. To get a lawyer I think it will be more expensive than the fine ?    Any ideas, advices ?   Thanks.  
  3. I've looked up the regulations and I am particularly interested in people's actual experience traveling back to Germany holding an Aufenthaltstitel(permanent residency). If you have Aufenthaltstitel, a non-EU passport, and you have traveled back from a non-EU country in the past two months, I'd love to hear about your experience. - When did you come back? - Which country did you visit and stopover? - How was your experience with the customs? Thanks!
  4. What's the deal with being hospitalized for weeks due to Covid-19 and you have private health insurance? Is it exactly like any other kind of treatment you might encounter? If you're private, they pay, if you're on the state health insurance, they pay.   Or is it somehow different because it's a pandemic? A bit like when there's an act-of-god type disaster - the insurance companies get help from the governments. Just a random thought I had and figured someone here would know. I know there's no way I'd figure it out looking on my private healthcare's website or documents I was sent.
  5. Hi everyone,   Like many people here, I have been working 100% in Home Office since March, and expect to be doing so into 2021. Since my home has now become my one-and-only place of work, it's clear that I can plan to at least offset some expenses for necessary improvements to my workplace in next year's tax return. However, since I want to manage those expenses to maximise benefit, I'm slightly lacking clear guidance as to the limits.   Main source article:   How it _seems_ to me:   - I have an allowance of €1250 for the office space itself (basically, the rent), so it seems I can clearly claim that (no other workplace available) - Regarding items I want to purchase (new chair and desk), the limit is €952 per year, but I can continue to claim back on those up to the purchase price(s) in subsequent years whilst I use them. I assume this €952 allowance is in total, or is it per item?   I hope someone can clarify those a little since they affect my purchasing decisions   Many thanks