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  1. Good morning,   Anyone put there know where you can get masa harina for corn tortillas other than online? We're in kiel but k would be willing to drive as far as Hamburg. Is there an international grocery store or shop here? Thanks in advance! 
  2. Hi all,   For the first time in my life - ever - I need to buy greaseproof paper.   I've been to Rewe and all I can find is "Butterbrotpapier" which is absolutely NOT greaseproof or waterproof.   Does anyone know what the correct commercial word in German is for greaseproof paper? (the kind they wrap McDo/Burger King burgers in) and where I can easily find it in everyday shops?
  3. Hey there, We want to connect cooking fans and cook together. Therefore we have set up a new meetup group and do regular meetups where we cook delicious dishes from all over the world at home and have a virtual dinner party.   Your kitchen, one recipe, cool people. We provide the recipe, list of ingredients and show the instructions. You do it with us. Then we all eat together and enjoy the food and fabulous company. Sounds good? Please join us! We are looking forward to meeting you there.   Next Event is on Tuesday, 23d March at 6:30 PM. This is for people who - might need some motivation to cook - want to develop their cooking skills - get inspiration for recipes - want to meet new people or old friends who can also join our circle   Cheers, Luke
  4. DIY Hot Sauce Advice & Recipes

    I'm putting together a DIY Hot Sauce Christmas gift set (due to corona, I can't simply order one in time for Christmas), and I need a bit of local human help!   General Idea: - Put together a kit of: dried spices, dried peppers, bottles, a recipe book, and a small chopper/food processor that would result in ~6 different flavorful hot sauces. - I'm initially thinking of providing ingredients to make one recipe from each of the following areas: Caribbean, Thailand, Mexico or Peru, Turkey, Italy, Southern US But would be really happy if you could provide some suggestions / guidance! - Spiciness target: around "medium" (some low / some higher; probably not hotter than habaneros). Would rather focus on tasty hot sauces (more like Cholula & Caribbean ones)   Looking for advice on: - Homemade hot sauces you've made & personal experience you could offer - Good recipe books (smaller ones / booklets would be great) - Good sources for small amounts of dried habanero, jalepeno, chiptotle, others?? (we already have something like Bird's Eye chilis that were home grown & Gutam chilis from India) - Small choppers / food processors that work well for this task   Please note: - I've already looked online quite a bit, and I need further guidance from humans about the subject. - We live in Munich. Normally I'd spend time in stores in-person etc, but I need to avoid that because I live with an immuno-compromised roommate.  - Hoping to keep the total cost around 50 euros