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  1. In the Zusatzblatt of my Blue Card, it is written:     Now, there is a chance to help out on a university research project as *Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft* in my spare time, e.g. 40 hours per month. However, to do that, apparently the university would want me to sign a HiWi contract, as usual.   My understanding is that, I can only work as a *freelancer* (Freiberufler), but not as an *employee* of any other organization. Therefore, I'd need to invoice the university for the services that I perform, instead of being able to sign a normal HiWi contract. I'll also need to register myself at the Finanzamt and get a separate Steuernummer.   Is my understanding correct?   The situation is annoying, since universities here are quite rigid, and it's quite possible that the department wouldn't be able to establish a freelancing working relationship with me due to all the bureaucracy, meaning that I'd miss out on this chance.TT≥≥≤≤
  2. Soo during my first day in a new city I've had two WG viewings, both of which were very positive and later offered me the room. (this never happens in Berlin) The one offer I'm really interested in is a subleased room in a family townhouse, occupied by a single mother and her daughter, both I've met during the viewing. Cheap (due to distance but convenient to my work), nice place and pleasant people. However, she did mention in passing that she would rather rent this out without a contract (citing hassle), but provide a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung for purposes of registration. Normally this would be a red flag, but given the circumstances I'm inclined to believe she wouldn't take advantage of this. I'll still insist on a contract (and try to help out in this regard) but if she declines should I run away? Otherwise what are the possible legal worst case scenarios to be faced?
  3. Hello all, Im a freelacer and I've been on board of a project for more than half of the year. Recently I received a job-offer (to be hired) somehwere else, and as a result I need to end my current project.   In the agrrement I signed with my client, it only outlined the duration (which is under a year) and the probation period and not one single line mentioning in case of early termination, what would be the requirement.   Ive read similar topic on Toytown but most of them have something written down actually in the contract.   I read that the statutory German emplyment law indicates a minimum amount of 1 month notice period, would that also apply to my case? Would there be any difference since Im a freelancer?   Many thanks in advance for any thread!
  4. Im signing a contract and I need to fill in some forms regarding my personal information. There, I need to put in my Kinderfreibetrag but I do not know what to put there. We don't receive kindergeld at the moment. But we want to apply for it after having this contract. So, should I put 0 as Kinderfreibetrag?
  5. I finished my Ph.D. project and will submit my Thesis 1-2 month from now. So, I do not even need to stay in the office anymore and my supervisor agrees on the situation as well. Also, my scholarship will be finished by the end of this month and I need to find another source of finance.   A typical scenario for most of the German students is that they start their next job (company or industry) and they submit their thesis 1-3 months later to prevent any financial disruption.  This is also what my supervisor agrees on as the next plan. However, I've heard that there is a regulation that non-EU students cannot change their permit (to have a full-time job) until they finish their study. But I'm not sure if it applies to students in all levels (PhD, MS, BS) in a similar way, or whether I can handle it by getting a letter from my supervisor saying that my PhD is practically done and etc. to handle it?
  6. Hi guys,   Out of curiosity, for those who started or changed to a new employment contract in the last 10 years, are German employers still handing out the "old german style" contracts with an automatic 13th month salary, or automatic weihnachtsgeld christmas bonus?   I'm rather suspecting newer employment contracts don't offer such things as an automatic god-given right any more, but rather that they have been "converted" into personal performance related bonuses, where it is no longer automatic.   Would really be interested to know if these old-style german contracts are now relics of a bygone era ;-)
  7. Hi All,   I have a contract from a company and i have to send the signed contract in few days. But I would be joining next month and meantime i want to search in other companies. Incase i get better offer in other company can i terminate the contract before starting?   PS: There is a statement in my contract liek this "Vor Vetragsbeginn ist eine fristgemäße Kündigung ausgeschlossen".  I do not understand what it means?   And how can i deal with it. Any suggestions or legal pounters would be really helpul   Thank you
  8. So, I have had a horrible experience with 1&1.    I've recently moved to a new apartment. They offered me a  DSL100 for €17 per month. However, they are currently charging me €30 and delivering DSL50. Their customer service is a living demonstration of a nightmare. One of their agents have hung up on me when I insisted to get an answer in writing.   So there are 2 questions now:  1. How should I go further with the billing mess? I thought of going to a lawyer, but the fees will be much higher than what I will actually get back.  2. I asked at Unity media, they said that if I signed a contract with them, they will deliver the internet connection within a week and manage the contract cancellation with 1&1. The sales agent told me that I will be paying 1&1 for those 3 months, even though I will be receiving Unity media's service. This sounded completely weird to me. Does anyone have a similar experience?     Lesson learned: Avoid 1&1 like the plague! 
  9. Hi all, We're buying an apartment (private sale) and are wondering what should be in the contract. The current contract seems very standard. I feel however that some things may be missing:   The purchase includes the kitchen and some other objects, Should these items that are included in the sale also be listed in the contract? The apartment will be transferred into our name by the end of this year (31-12-2019). That is 10 months from now. Should there be anything in the contract that ensures the place is in nearly the same state as when we saw it? In 10 months a lot can happen such as accidental damage, fire etc. In Germany the final bill for the hausgeld comes months after the year end. I'd assume that the current owner is fully liable for the final bill payment (or refund) of 2019 as the property is ours on 01-01-2020 only. Should the contract stipulate something about this? Are there any other items that are not always in a standard contract, but should be considered?   Many thanks JR on Toytown