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Year of birth

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  1. I went to my child's doctor today to get some clarification about a date written in a vaccination pass. Underneath was also a year written but no notes. The last entry was 2016. We have been going to this office since 2013.    What is strange is that after it was cleared up what date was in the pass, as well as what the year meant (returning in five more years for a tetanus shot), I was asked to produce my sons health card because I had received an Impfberatung (Vaccine Consultation). I didn't have it with me, and was asked to return next week with it.    All of this exchange was under 30 seconds with a receptionist, not a doctor. I have never been asked this before in all the years we have been going there. The woman was really annoyed with me like I should know this. I asked her if this was something new, which left her green. I am wondering if this is a scam.    I called the insurance and they confirmed doctors can and should give a consultation with a vaccine appointment. But a question at a front desk about a date and future vaccine seems a strange thing to bill.    Has anyone encountered this before?