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  1. English Comedy, Craft Beer & Pizza // Berlin Beer WeekBerlin Beer Week 2018 & Cosmic Comedy present :Craft Beer & English Comedy NightFree Pizza & Shots on entry.Berliner Berg Craft Beer Brewery and Cosmic Comedy Club present Comedy in English language during the Berlin Beer Week.Come buy and enjoy fresh Craft Beer from Berlin and listen to some of the best comedians in Berlin.Pizza & Shots: 8.00pmMain Show: 9.00pmTickets: 18€ / includes 3 x Local Berlin Craft Beers, Shots on entry, tasty vegetarian Pizza & an amazing comedy show in English.Regular Cosmic Comedy tickets also available.Craft Beers also available at the bar all night.★★★★★ CRAFT BEER ★★★★★Craft Beer by : Berliner Berg Brewery★★★★★ BERLIN BEER WEEK ★★★★★Check out all the events this year at :★★★★★ THE HOSTS ★★★★★Dharmander Singh : Numb :★★★★★ ADVANCED TICKETS ★★★★★Tickets are available on the door from 8pm, or in advance online :Advanced tickets :★★★★★ THE VENUE ★★★★★Bar 1820 @ Belushi´s, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 4110178 Berlin :
  2. SUP Comedy presents a double feature to wet your comedy whistle! TWO SHOWS in ONE!This Special event will last just over 2 hours and will have a 10-15 minute interval in the middle.Online tickets -★★★ First Half - LAUGH ROOM (Open Mic) ★★★An open mic live comedy show where experienced comedians try out new material and raw comedy hopefuls take their first chance performing on stage.★★★ Second Half - JOKE LIFE (The Festival Preview) ★★★Catch up with James Rankin & Kirthy Iyer as they prepare to take their successful show 'Joke Life' to the biggest comedy festival in the world: EDINBURGH FRINGE!The boys will need to refine their material into a tight 55 minute show which could be a laugh already! This is a great chance to see a comedy in the making and get your very own taste of the festivities.Come share a creative and unique evening!★ Wednesday 18 July 2018★ Show kick-off: 8.00pm★ Tickets Available Online! **Limited amount on the door**★ 100% EnglishTWO shows for the price of ONE.★ Online Tickets - 13.50 EURO★ Door Tickets - 15.00 EURO
  3. English Comedy : Czech Republic TakeoverSaturday 28th July 2018An English-Language stand-up comedy show with three extended sets from amazing Comedians.Tapas available at the bar, doors open at 9pm show starts at 10pm sharp.A double stand up comedy show!12€ in advance, or on the door. Please join us for a brilliant evening of Comedy, in a lovely intimate theater in Neukölln. Each of our three Comedians will do 30 minute sets, hosted by Neil Numb from Scotland. ★★★★★ THE COMEDIANS ★★★★★Lucie Macháčková (CZ)Kristýna Haklová (CZ)Katarina Puskarov (SRB)★★★★★ ABOUT LUCIE ★★★★★Lucie Macháčková is an accomplished comedienne, writer , producer, host and an avid wine drinker. She made her entrance in the stand-up comedy world by winning a Best Newcomer Award at the comedy festival Humorfest in 2015. Since then she has been rocking the Czech and English-speaking comedy circuit and she has performed in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland and the UK. Lucie is also a regular in a TV show „Comedy Club,“ that airs on Comedy Central. She co-founded an all-female stand-up group called Koko Comedy and she also teaches comedy writing. In her free time she loves aerial sports and she loves everything she does with a great passion. ★★★★★ ABOUT KRISTYNA ★★★★★Kristýna comes from the small town of Beroun in Central Bohemia. From there she went to Masaryk University in Brno where she fought for several years to get her useless degree in Film Studies, only to end up as a telemarketer. Sound familiar? As you're correctly assuming right now, yes, she wanted to have a gap year to travel around Australia! But Australia decided it didn't need her there. Did she give up? NO! She ended up in Auckland, New Zealand, overstayed her visa for two years, at the end of which she nearly died of boredom. She is currently working as an art house film distributor and stand-up comedy promoter/performer. Now she is back in Europe, performing mainly in Berlin and Prague, never mentioning the above stories, only complaining about single life, her drinking habits and the generally low quality of porn. ★★★★★ ABOUT KATARINA ★★★★★"Katarina is a Serbian-born English-speaking comedian based in Prague, Czech Republic. Over a course of three years, she has confirmed her position as one of the known names in the emerging comedy scene in Prague regularly performing at showcases all over the country as well as doing guest performances at international gigs. She has traveled far and wide to develop her sharp observational comedy style. She has seen it all, and it all can be funny, often hilarious. ★★★★★ THE HOST ★★★★★Show hosted by Scottish Comedian :Neil Numb (Cosmic Comedy Berlin)★★★★★ TICKETS ★★★★★Tickets available on-line now :★★★★★ THE VENUE ★★★★★IL KINO BerlinNansenstrasse 22, 12047 Berlin, Germany
  4. Lynn Ruth Miller is the poster girl for growing old. She’s 84 years old and the only thing that frightens her is her own reflection. She’s feisty though and can tell some tales about dating octogenarians, what it’s like being the oldest stand up in the business (RIP Joan Rivers). Young people of the world, come and see your futureQueenie the senile stripper will entertain you with a collection of outrageous parodies guaranteed to put your underwear at risk. Enjoy comedy at its naked best in this 50 minute travesty of song and dance featuring Lynn Ruth Miller. This is musical comedy at its worst proving that even though your body parts drop to your ankles, they still can move with enough zest raise an eyebrow if nothing else Lynn Ruth Miller had been remodeling facts since she bloomed so to speak, 78 years ago. Once she began presenting her prevarications to an audience larger than her three dogs, she met with amazing success.She hit the headlines in Edinburgh in August 2005 when she jumped out of a cake (almost) and removed her clothes (not quite) on every stage that would have her. Her fame spread when she threw her underwear at the audience at the Carleton Hotel that same year. In 2006, she became a legend: a show stealer and scene blocker with enough teeth left to smile wrapping her eager fans in spandex and putting wigs on the bald heads in the group. In 2008, she taught the world that the older you are, the better you get.She was featured in The London Times and won Best of the Brighton Festival with this off-key cabaret show that glorifies even older age, reveling in the disasters it brings to the human form and the feminine mystique. In 2014 she won the TOA&ST award for best cabaret at The Edinburgh Festival , In 2015, she starred in the Bristol Burlesque Festival and in 2016 was featured May 14 in the London Burlesque Festival where they invited her back for ehir encore performance.What they are saying:Lynn Ruth Miller is a true original, a unique and vivacious artist - writer, raconteur, singer, burlesque performer, satirist and comic. She appeared several times at the late-night cabaret, the Midnight Carousel, and never failed to bring the house down. She is inspiration to younger and less energetic artists like me. ~ Mark Mc Innes Edinburgh 2006With the modesty of youth gone, she grapples life’s dilemmas head on, and with a song. Based on her own colorful experiences, her audience are taught self help cures for impotence, incontinence, and how to enjoy old age. ~ MusicalTheaterMatters, 2008.This show is an act of belated rebellion against the invisibility of older people, deriding the nursing-home mentality and celebrating the joys of Spandex and sparkle. Any stand-up, though providing her with this definite point of view, now plays second fiddle to the set-piece song-and- dance numbers. ~ Steve Bennett, Chortle, 2009★★★★★ AFTERPARTY ★★★★★ Bambule Nights - Raucous Karaoke GamesSingle and multi player games that you can sing, YES sing! A karaoke gaming adventure that will have you and your friends in stitches. Join our host ★ Scout Wölfli ★ as he spins the karaoke roulette wheel. Who’s singing next?★★★★★ TICKETS ★★★★★ Advanced Tickets : free entry to Porn Karaoke after party. ★★★★★ THE VENUE ★★★★★Toast HawaiiDanziger Straße 110435 Berlin, Germany
  5. WHEN: Wednesday, April 18 from 8 PM - 10 PM WHERE: Wirtshaus zum Isartal, Brudermühlstr. 2 We'll be challenging each other more than ever this evening, and as everyone knows, the winner takes it all!! So who will be the champion of the night? YOU decide! Your suggestions help us discover new worlds, stories, and songs live on stage. Come inspire us and be a part of the madness! Make sure to get a good seat & RESERVE your tickets Now! Food and drink are available in the theater!!   More info available at our WEBSITE Picture taken by Tamara Ranner |   Bake This is Munich's English speaking, international improv troupe. We've been mixing it up since 2011, performing regularly and challenging ourselves to take risks on and off stage. Our name, Bake This, derives from our original rehearsal space in a small bakery and reflects our diversity in blending comedy with serious theatrical elements. In addition to our monthly performances, Bake This has performed at TEDx, Germany’s Biggest English-German Comedy Show, the INTERACT fair at TUM Graduate School, Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Pädagogische Zentrum Munich, and International Schools around the area. We’ve also led improv workshops for the Graduate School of Neurosciences at LMU, the Expat in the City Fair, as well as various schools and businesses around the city. Bake This loves to bake it big on stage, and if it can be belted out in song, even better - big emotions, big fun!        
  6. Ever had an awkward first date? Come and meet Kelli & Arlin, as well as Sean & Lisa, as love, loneliness and laughter blend together in an evening of two one-act plays. Will Kelli and Arlin find common ground? Why are Sean’s possessions in moving boxes? And where does Lisa come from? Entity Theatre presents two one-act plays performed in the same night! Commencing by Jane Shepard and Being Norwegian by David Greig 18 - 21 April at Pepper Theater, Thomas-Dehler-Str 12, Neuperlach Zentrum (pep Einkaufszentrum) Tickets are on sale now here for Pepper Theater You can watch our trailers here This is an amateur performance in English. Commencing is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC. Being Norwegian is presented by arrangement with Casarotto & Associates. (we also have shows from 26 – 28 April at Heppel & Ettlich in Schwabing)
  7. The English/German Comedy Club Munich presents its stand-up comedy show with Mel Kelly, Andreas Beckenbach and friends.  There's another comedian on stage every 10 minutes. Everyone brings their new programs, so the program of this mixed show is always unique. Laugh with us and let us surprise you. We look forward to seeing you there.   The event starts at 20:00. Doors open at 18:30. Tickets are available on our website! Note: Seats are not numbered or reserved.  Free places will be allocated according to the "first come, first served" principle. It is best to show up as early as possible to get the best possible seat. Food and drinks are served on site. Kitchen opens at 6:30. During the break, only snacks are offered. It is best to arrive as early as possible to ensure a good place.  The Comedy Club Munich offers a stand-up comedy show in English and German with well-known and "new" comedians.  Every 10 minutes there is another comedian on stage with his new program. They come from all over the world and bring humour from their cultures. Thus it becomes again and again surprisingly entertaining and entertaining.  In every comedy show, the Comedy Club Munich offers a completely new, unique program. The comedians know how to inspire their audience in such a way that a club atmosphere is created in a very short time and everyone is encouraged to laugh. The Comedy Club Munich was founded in 2014 by Mel Kelly and his friends. Several times a year they perform in a mix show and invite other comedians to do so. In the meantime, the Comedy Club Munich has developed into the largest English-German-language comedy club in Germany. Come, let yourself be entertained and laugh with us. Mel Kelly, Andreas Beckenbach and his friends from the Comedy Club Munich are waiting for you. Tickets are available on the Comedy Club Munich website.  
  8. Stand Up en Español : Carlos Ballarta (MEX)European Tour 2018Tuesday 29th May 2018Carlos Martínez Vallarta, mejor conocido como Carlos Ballarta (nacido en 1990) es un comediante mexicano originario de la Ciudad de México.Ballarta incursionó en el género de comedia stand up por primera vez en diciembre de 2012, en el escenario del bar Beer Hall en la Ciudad de México. Entre 2013 y 2014, participó en el programa STANDparados con Adal Ramones. En 2014 es elegido para participar en el programa Comedy Central Presenta: Stand Up, al cual regresaría en 2015 para grabar dos rutinas más. Su mediana fama comenzó por su participación en el programa "Es de noche… y ya llegué" de René Franco, con un sketch en vivo orientado en una rutina escrita por él mismo. Desde 2014 y hasta 2016, Ballarta fue parte del colectivo ‘7 Machos’, junto a Eduardo Talavera, Fran Hevia y demás comediantes. Carlos Ballarta es reconocible debido a su imagen, con lentes oscuros y cabello largo. Carlos ha declarado que los lentes los necesita por el miedo a ver a la audiencia directo a los ojos. Su imagen es también un tributo permanente a Kurt Cobain. Antes de dedicarse de lleno a la comedia, compaginaba su trabajo con el de doblaje de voz. Actualmente, Ballarta presenta su show en vivo por toda la República Mexicana. Special on netflix called "El amor es de putos" ★★★★★ THE VENUE ★★★★★ Bar 1820, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41 10178 Berlin, (Belushi's basement underground club) ★★★★★ ADVANCED TICKETS ★★★★★ Earlybird tickets on sale now :  price includes 7% VAT.
  9. n the "Inbal Lori Nights" the international acclaimed Inbal Lori joins forces with some of the best improvisors in the world for a brand new series of improv comedy shows at the BühnenRausch.In this show she will be performing with Hila Di Castro from Israel.In the second half of the show we invite you as always, to come and play Duo Scenes on stage with Hila and Inbal.   [IMPRO MADE IN ISRAEL] 8.00pm till 9.00pmHila Di Castro and Inbal Lori go way back to the times when the IMPRO in Tel Aviv was young and looking for its place in the worldNow it has found its place and the two are proud to be a part of its ongoing journey So, as two good friend and colleagues they would love to use the BühnenRausch stage to challenge each other into things they hardly see the others do. Hila will challenge Inbal into roles, situations and scenes that she thinks Inbal doesn't do enough of, and Inbal will do the same for her. No boundaries, a lot of familiarity, very little shame. [OPEN STAGE] 9.15pm till 10pm In the second half Inbal and Hila invite improvisers, students and friends to play two-people-scenes with them on stage. so write down your name and play!  [TICKETS] Ticket reservation via Tickets are  15€ full price,  10€ reduced and each per group of 5 and more, 7€ for Open Stage
  10. Ever had an awkward first date? Come and meet Kelli & Arlin, as well as Sean & Lisa, as love, loneliness and laughter blend together in an evening of two one-act plays. Will Kelli and Arlin find common ground? Why are Sean’s possessions in moving boxes? And where does Lisa come from? Entity Theatre presents two one-act plays performed in the same night! Commencing by Jane Shepard and Being Norwegian by David Greig 26 - 28 April at Theater Heppel & Ettlich, Feiliztsch-Str 12, Schwabing (Münchner Freiheit) Tickets are on sale now here for Heppel & Ettlich You can watch our trailers here This is an amateur performance in English. Commencing is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC. Being Norwegian is presented by arrangement with Casarotto & Associates. (we also have shows from 18 – 21 April at Pepper Theater in Neuperlach)
  11. Cosmic Comedy Club with Free pizza & shots Please join us for an amazing English comedy show in Berlin every Monday, Thursday and (almost) every Friday & Saturday night, featuring some of our favorite comedians from Berlin and some amazing international guests. "Berlin´s number #1 English Comedy Club" ~ Tripadvisor The venue is Non-Smoking and has a "Nice people only policy!" Every Monday & Thursday ~ Semi Open Mic Every Friday & Saturday ~ Showcase Please check all show dates on our website as occasionally events are not happening due to sporting events in the venue : Pizza & Shots from 8.00pm Main Show from 9.00pm (Pizza & Shots are while stocks last) If you would like to perform at Cosmic Comedy Club please read these instructions : ★★★★★ THE HOSTS ★★★★★ Dharmander Singh : Neil Numb : ★★★★★ ADVANCED TICKETS ★★★★★ Tickets are available on the door from 8pm, or in advance online : Advanced tickets : Win Tickets : ★★★★★ GROUP BOOKINGS & PRIVATE EVENTS★★★★★ We have many packages available for your group including private shows that are possible for your group, please get in touch for more information. Group Bookings : Private Bookings : ★★★★★ THE VENUE ★★★★★ Bar 1820 @ Belushi´s, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41 10178 Berlin : ★★★★★ CRAZY BASTARD SAUCE ★★★★★ We have the full selection of Berlin´s award winning Hot Sauce Crazy Bastard available to taste and buy at Cosmic Comedy or get 10% off with the code "COSCOM" from there website : ★★★★★ LINKS ★★★★★ Shop : Comedy in English : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook :
  12. Spend Saturday evening with the women of WITCH HUNT as we fight evil with our combined powers of stand up, improv, and variety. Join us as we vanquish our enemies, tell delightful jokes, and save the planet!!! There might be a burlesque clown performance. Performances by: Mayowa Lynette Brittni Bowering Caroline Clifford Carmen Chraim Ice Scream You Scream Dotti Moscati Hosted by: Marne Litfin SHOW TIME: 10:00P THE DOORS WILL OPEN 15 MINUTES BEFORE SHOW TIME. TICKETS: 8.50€ ONLINE / 10€ AT THE DOOR You can buy a ticket here!
  13. If you like the amazing show, "Whose Line Is It Anyway", then you'll absolutely love Bake This! We take your suggestions and use them to create characters, songs, relationships, and stories live on the spot! Expect the unexpected, and join us for an evening of fun and laughter! Make sure to reserve tickets to ensure the best possible seats.   RESERVE TICKETS   WHEN: March 7, 8pm WHERE: Theater Wirtshaus Zum Isartal, Brudermühlstr. 2 Regular Tickets 10€, Reduced Price 8€      
  14. Cosmic Comedy Special with K-von (USA)K-von is the most famous half-Persian comedian in the world and he's flying from the USA to Berlin for the 1ST TIME! Please join us for an amazing English comedy show in Berlin on June 1. "Berlin´s number #1 English Comedy Club" ~ Tripadvisor"Winner of tripadvisor certificate of excellence 2017"The venue is Non-Smoking and has a "Nice people only policy!"Pizza & Shots from 8.00pm Main Show from 9.00pm (Pizza & Shots are while stocks last) ★★★★★ THE ACTS ★★★★★ K-von (USA) warm up acts to follow ★★★★★ ABOUT K-VON ★★★★★ The star of MTV's hit show "Disaster Date", he’s received rave reviews for his comedy on NBC's 'Last Comic Standing', NETFLIX, SHOWTIME, CNN's "HLN", Good Morning America, BBC, & NPR to name a few.  K-von has garnered millions of views online with sketches, standup comedy clips, and a viral ‘TED Talk’. His style is versatile yet relatable with fun storytelling and high-energy performances about a variety of mainstream topics. Be sure to get your tix for this event. Use the Pre-Sale because we plan to sell out! ★★★★★ THE HOSTS ★★★★★ Dharmander Singh : Neil Numb : ★★★★★ ADVANCED TICKETS ★★★★★ Tickets are available for Presale ONLINE.  (also at the door, but we may sell out so be sure to buy in advance and save money) Advanced tickets : Group Bookings : ★★★★★ THE VENUE ★★★★★ Bar 1820 @ Belushi´s, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41 10178 Berlin :
  15. We'll use your suggestions to create romantic, dramatic, and absolutely crazy scenes, characters and songs for you live on stage! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and Bake This would like to celebrate the power and pain of love with you. Bring your sweetheart or come alone because who knows who you'll meet?   **RESERVE your tickets now to ensure great seats!** Wirtshaus zum Isartal Brudermühlstr. 2, 81371 Munich Doors open at 19:00, Show begins 20:00. *Great food and drink available before, after, and during the performance.  Regular 10€, Student 8€    
  16. Sup Comedy and Kirthy Iyer presents Take That Microphone! Frankfurt's first English comedy open-mic show running for 7 years now. If you want to give English stand-up comedy a chance, this is the show to give it a try.     An open mic comedy show where experienced comedians try out new material and raw comedy hopefuls take their first chance performing on stage. So, don't hesitate and take that microphone!   The show occurs second Thursday of every month. Our first open-mic show of 2018 is on January 11th.   Date: January 11th, Thursday €10 Entrance at the door Bar Doors Open: 06:00 p.m. with food service Cellar Entrance opens: 07:30 pm Show Starts: 08:00 p.m. Venue: Circus-Frankfurt Bar Bleichstraße 46, 60313 Frankfurt   Facebook Event Link:   Please sign up on the event by posting a comment on the Facebook event. The running order will be announced a week before the show. We have limited slots so if you can't get a slot this time, you can get it next time. Have you heard of Louis C.K., Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle? If you have, that's great. Because none of these famous comedians will be performing at our show. But all these comedians had to start somewhere? The answer is "open-mic nights". Here you can find fresh, genuine, raw comedy enthusiasts try out their new material. Some will be great, some will be terrible, but some might just become the household names of tomorrow. So, just drop by, grab a drink and enjoy the show!!! :-D  
  17. What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than with an extremely popular comedy show -  The Good, the Bad and the Irish.   Sup Comedy and Kirthy Iyer presents a St. Patrick's Day Comedy Special - “The Good, The Bad & The Irish”   “The Good, The Bad & The Irish” - an extremely popular brand that offers a wide range of Irish + Scottish comedians to entertain with a variety of different styles & personalities. With SOLD OUT shows all over Europe, this show is not to be missed! -----------------------------Tickets--------------------------------- Tickets available here:   Facebook Event Link here: -----------------------------Show Reviews--------------------------------- “Damn Funny” - "Highly recommended” - Three Weeks “Brillant“ - Broadway Baby -----------------------------Comedian Bios--------------------------------- GARY LYNCH Gary is Ireland's Leading Mid-Life Crisis comedian. He's been gigging all over Ireland, the UK and Scandinavia since the end of the last decade. Winner of the Dublin Comedian of the Year 2011. Variably described as, 'Unusually Compelling', and 'Dangerous', he's never been called 'Funny'. Garys had 6 years of sellout shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, holding the record for most appearances at 156 over 25 days in 2012. "Brilliant" - Broadway Baby "Weaves Every Comic Thread" - Three Weeks Edinburgh MICHAEL PORTER Michael first took to the stage at a local open mic in Derry / LondonDerry in 2009. Fueled with nerves, excitement & no clue how to perform he proceeded to " die on his arse !".. However armed with the stupidity & ambition to be a comedian, Michael has come a long way since that painful winters night! A finalist in "Show Me The Funny" 2012 (Galway) his journey into the unknown has seen him perform all over the UK, Ireland & Europe. After a very successful run at this years Edinburgh fringe Michael performed two shows everyday 'The Good, The Bad & The Irish' & his solo 'Love & Brain Damage'. Both shows got **** star reviews from 3 Weeks & Broadway Baby. "You can't help but admire his energy" - Derry Journal | Vivid Promotions "Understands comedy & connects with his audience, hilarious!" - Broadway Baby "Humorous observations, highly recommended" - Three Weeks Edinburgh "Experienced & confident in his material, making for a highly enjoyable night" - Daniel Kitson "Very sharp, I laughed" - The Stand JOHN O BRIEN (OBIE) Obie is a Scottish comedy legend who is highly regarded as one of the most naturally talented comedians on the circuit today. He will take you on a surreal journey filled with laughter. He has been performing stand up for 18 years and regularly performs at clubs across the country as headliner support act or MC. He has also been performing solo shows around the comedy festivals from Edinburgh to Melbourne for the past twelve years and has now got a regular following at the Edinburgh comedy festival. "Sublimely Daft" - Chore "Laugh out loud funny!" - Three Weeks Edinburgh "Dynamic" - Simon Donald ( Creator of Viz)
  18. Valentines will never be the same after February 14, 2018. Why? Because the worldwide hit festival show "Shaggers" is coming to Frankfurt for the first time, and delivers a fantastic line-up of the very best international comedians, to talk to you about the cheeky and hilarious subject of 'shagging'!   Sup Comedy and Kirthy Iyer presents 'Shaggers' - a show created by Nik Coppin, has been entertaining audiences over the years in the UK and Australia with the hilarious misadventures of comedians in the bedroom. With a mixture of male, female, gay and straight comics taking part, this show delves into what can go right, and more usually wrong, in the subtle art of shagging! What more could you and your partner ask for from a Valentines night? Have a meal and a nice bottle of wine, then come along and listen to comedians talk about what you should - or probably shouldn't - be doing later that evening? ---------------------------Tickets-------------------------- Tickets available here:   Facebook Link here: ---------------------------Reviews-------------------------- “Possibly the best value show at the festival. Cannot recommend it enough” (Herald Sun, Melbourne) "Comedy Gold. A damn fun time" – (Adelaide Advertiser) “The late night audience enjoyed it…you will too!” (Rip It Up) "Spectacular...amazing. The perfect way to close a night at The Fest" ( Funny Tonne, Melbourne) “A brilliant tour-de-force of laughter-filled mischievous comedy” – (Arts-In-Leicestershire, UK)
  19. After killer shows throughout Europe, Joke Life is coming to Wiesbaden!!     Facebook Event Link: Ticket Sales Link (Eventbrite): Ticket Sales Link (Eventim): Joke Life Eventim James Rankin and Kirthy Iyer will not deny the universal fact that 'Life is hard'. These two comedians have dealt with tough situations in love life, thug life, high life, street life, married life, corporate life and cultural life but have now finally found some form of redemption in 'Joke Life'. It's this mockery of their lives that forges their uncanny alliance which creates this unique stand-up comedy show. Crappy late night dinners, cheap hotels, and complicated relationships are some of the key perks/punishments of living the 'Joke Life', all worth it as long as you guys are laughing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Starring~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ★★★★★★★★★★ Kirthy Iyer (IND) ★★★★★★★★★★★★ Born and raised in India, studied in Canada, and surviving in Germany" this international background makes Kirthy so special that even he wants to punch himself! However, after multiple black-eyes, Kirthy turned to stand-up comedy instead and not only has he been a crowd favourite on stage, he has also become the founder of the ever growing English comedy scene in Frankfurt. He has performed all over Germany, Poland, and the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival with having no difficulty whatever in keeping the audience in stitches. A comic who does irritable, cynical and brutally honest riffs about anything and everything from his life. When not ranting on stage, Kirthy spends the majority of his time in his recluse, drawing comics, animating, writing stories and occasionally answering to bowel movements. "A darkly comic undercurrent full of intelligent insights" - Nik Coppin "Kirthy Iyer is an extremely talented and unique voice on the comedy scene" - World Wide Comedy Kirthy Iyer ★★★★★★★★★★ James Rankin (AUS) ★★★★★★★★★★ James Rankin is an Australian stand-up comedian who is currently performing all over Europe. He left his hometown off the back of a successful run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, performing his hit show ‘Be A Man’ to thrilled audiences. James' brave and hilarious story-telling performance also earned him a television appearance as the feature-artist of the Australian television show ‘The KK Factor'. He also spent two years as a writer and presenter on the Australian comedy radio program ‘Retreating Laughs’. Having hit the stage on three different continents, James has now become a leading figure in the ever-expanding Berlin Comedy Scene, where he can be found performing, hosting and producing popular shows. ★★★★★ “His natural gift of finding comedy in real-life experiences is both captivating and hilarious.” J-Air 87.8FM "Hanging on his every word" “We couldn’t stop laughing, it was laugh-a-minute!” KK Factor (TV) April 2016 Rankin Comedy