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  1. I am relocating to Munich on October 2 from San Francisco with my family (wife and 2 kids - son 10 yrs, daughter 7 yrs). Needless to say, I am jittery . I would like to know what kind of weather to expect in the first few months of landing. I know that these are probably going to be the coldest months with temperatures going as low as 14, but I would appreciate more details based on experiences. Should I expect Chicago style cold winds or SF's cold wet weather? Would you recommend that I buy jackets and warm clothes for the family here in the US, or should I just buy them in Munich.   And any pointers to what kind of winter clothing, brands, etc. whether here or in Munich, would be greatly appreciated. Will I need to buy snow boots for the kids - how much snow can I expect in October, November - the first few months when I would still be exploring the city and not yet know where all the stores are?   Thanks in advance for your suggestions.