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  1. Cleaning with experience

    Hi there ,  Im a Romanian girl with experience in cleaning who have some free space  . If you need a good cleaner , a punctual and trustworthy person dont hesitate to contact me  .     
  2. I've rented quite a few furnished apartments in Germany and all of them had the same cleanliness issues. From what I've seen while looking for an unfurnished accommodation, flats with EBK are no different. The insides of the fridges, ovens, kitchen cabinets, microwaves are disgustingly dirty (with what most often looks like years worth of food remnants/stains).   The funny thing is the contracts for the very same furnished flats demand 100€ or more on the final cleaning (in case the tenant doesn't do the cleaning himself). And the owners are always more than meticulous to check everything up to the dust on top of the cupboards, needless to say, the insides of the kitchen are being checked as well. Is it just that if the previous tenant opted for paying there is no need to check after the hired "professional"?   I guess there is no point in arguing about the cleanliness before signing the contract, otherwise you just don't get it. (Which may contain a point that the apartment was clean when visiting it).   Are there any ways of ensuring not having to hand the apartment back in a cleaner state than it used to be? Ensuring the money paid for cleaning doesn't go straight into the landlords pocket? Or even not having to scrape the nastiness off or pay someone to do it?   The contract usually states on move out flat has to be clean or "besenrein". What does it mean after all? From this it looks like food remnants specifically must be removed. The question is whether dirt and grime (which is difficult to remove and most probably consists of food remnants) should be removed as well as possible or is it enough to also "broom" it like the floor so that there are no crumbs size of a bread heel?   On the forum I came across advice to take photos as soon as I move in. Is insisting on making an Uebergabeprotokoll on moving in possible? Will these measures be of any help? Looks like if the contract states you've seen it clean when visiting and it must be clean on handing back there is little one can do.   Success stories are most welcome.