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  1. I spent a year as an exchange student in Germany, then half year of bachelor student after which I quitted. And after going back home for 1.5 years, I went back to Germany again and spent another five years as a student, and I will work with a blue card in a few months, so under the current policy or the new proposed policy, how long will it still take me to be eligible for applying the German citizenship? I have heard something like one must work at least two years to apply for citizenship, regardless of the previous duration of stay.   I know that how long the study duration is counted depends on the Bundesland where I apply for the citizenship, so let's assume that I am in a state with the most lenient naturalization policy.  p.s. I have TDN 5 in all parts which may allow me to go for a fast-track naturalization based on good German language proficiency. 
  2. Hi Toytowners,   I have recently applied for my naturalization here in Hamburg. I have applied after 6 years of living here in Germany.   I am curious to know how long has it taken for some of you who might have already received their certificate from Hamburg (or other state/city). I have been going through the Internet for the past 48 hours, but did not come across anything useful. So, therefore thought of asking here.   So, can you TT-ers share your experience regarding your Naturalisation process? Does not matter which state you are from. I would love to learn about your experiences. It might also help others who are similarly curious about it.   My apologies if this question has already been asked here under some other thread. I failed to find it either. A link to that thread would be much appreciated.   Many thanks,  H.Bee
  3. We applied for the naturalization process a while ago, and a few days ago, they sent us some documents (Loyalitätserklärung, etc.) to read and sign (in their office). The documents are clear as they generally say that we should behave well and be respectful of Germany and what the current version of Germany is built upon. No problem with that part!   But, I wonder if the Einburgerung officer is going to ask us any tricky questions that I should be prepared for? Or will he ask us to talk about our understanding of the documents? In that case, I need to memorize some German jargon to use for explaining my attitudes toward concepts such as their specific democratic system, human rights, etc. 
  4. I`m in a bit of confusion in my situation below and hopefully somebody knowledgeable will be able to help.   I was convicted in 2016 for insulting someone (Beleidigung, details of which I`d spare as I still have trauma and ashamed of it) according to StGB 185, 194 which resulted in a penalty/fine of 210 daily rates (tagessätze). I was informed by my lawyer informally after the hearing that I would be eligible to apply for German citizenship after 5 years, hence i didnt oppose (einspruch). Looking into the requirements of citizenship law section 8 (Discretionary Naturalisation), paragraph 1 point 2 states “2. have not been sentenced for an unlawful act and are not subject to any court order imposing a measure of reform and prevention due to a lack of criminal capacity”. In the same section 8 paragraph 2 statues “The requirements of subsection (1) nos. 2 and 4 may be waived on grounds of public interest or in order to avoid special hardship.” Does this mean that I would never be able to apply for German citizenship? Or I am solely at the discretion of case worker to decide waiver on grounds of public interest or special hardship? I`m married to a German citizen since 2012 and have 2 kids with German nationality. My wife is working part time and I`m employed full-time in a GmbH since 2010 after graduating from a German Uni. I was never on the wrong side of the law before this either here or anywhere neither after 2016 till date. I currently hold a permanent residence permit Aufenthaltserlaubnis received since 2013. Another question I have is with respect to Bundeszentralregister (BZR). The conviction is entered in BZR but I could not figure out when it will be deleted as it`s also another factor in citizenship law. According to section 46 in BZRG, is it 5, 10 or 15 years? Also does anybody know how do I apply for “unbeschränke auskunft in BZR”`? What kind of application form is required? I did send a letter to Bundesministerium für Justiz last year but did not get any respose. The letter was based on the information given on this page I know I would need to lawyer up and any suggestions and the possible costs involved for English speaking lawyer is appreciated. Thanks for reading and your inputs.
  5. Hello,   I got a letter yesterday from my employer. It is "Meldebescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung - Arbeitnehmer" Normally I get this every year in January.  But in this recent letter, I found something different. There is "Abgabe: 63 - Änderung der Staatsangehörigkeit" and "Staatsangehörigkeit: 000 Deutsch" . It was before with a "463 Indien"   My citizenship application is pending for over a year now. Because of the pandemic, I was not given a appointment and was told to send the application and documents via Post. I sent all of these in September 2021 and never heard anything from them except the acknowledgement of receipt.    From the content of the letter, it seems like in some of my records especially Sozialversicherung my citizenship details have been changed. I checked on my Krankenkasse website and 63 is actually a code that is received whenever citizenship has been changed.    Is this normal ?
  6. Hello everyone,   I have a situation which is a bit complicated, I hope someone can advise me on this.   Im Jordanian, and I have lived in Germany with my family for 12 years; Im working in IT sector.   I have Permanent residence, and my wife has residence which is renewed every 3 years.   also, I have 3 kids   1. 1 year old, and she has German Citizenship 2. 7 Years old with the permit of stay until she is 17 years. 3. 8 years old with the permit of stay until he is 17 years.   Im full-time employed in a German company, and my work lately changed to 100% remote.   My wife wants to back to Jordan with the kids, and my employer has no problem if I work remotely from Jordan.   So we decide that we go back to Jordan, and the kids study in school in Jordan, and the family come to Germany every 6 months so they don't lose the permit to stay. And I keep moving between Germany and Jordan depending on work needs.   we already start this 2022, kids studying the 2nd semester in Jordan and right now, we are in Berlin for summer vacation, and we going back to Jordan in 2 weeks.   The "Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Familie" request me to de-registration the 2 kids which in school because the main place of living for them is Jordan otherwise, the Police will start coming to my apartment to ask why the 2 kids are not in the school in Germany.   So I would like to de-register only the 2 kids in school from my address in Berlin.   My question what is the side effect of that in the following topic:   1- Kindergeld, do my 2 kids still have the right to get the kindergeld if I de-register them? 2- Health insurance: we don't have health insurance for the kids in Jordan, and normally we go to private doctors in Jordan, I just would like to keep the Health insurance in Germany since I work in Germany.   Thanks in advance for the help