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  1. Has anyone recently applied for einburgerung at Burgeramt Pankow ? How long did it take to get Termin there, and how long did the process take. Currently it shows appointments only until 21. November, (all booked). Can anybody share their experience?
  2. Steps for German Citizenship

    Hi all.   Okay, so I'm wondering if anyone can provide some clarification.  I arranged a telephone interview with the local Meldeamt in Dortmund. The person I spoke to said I need to register first, and this is what has befuddled me. I have lived here for six and a half years+ with every address registered and I even have my EU permanent residency, so I don't understand when the person told me I'm not registered with them.  Is there a special registration one makes in order to apply for German citizenship? I only have B2.1 which may or may not be sufficient (I sent off the documents for the person I spoke to to check).  She sent me the following link:   I'm guessing it's something to do with Einbürgerung? But again,  I thought I was already a "Bewohner" and that I just need to meet the other requirements...   Here's information about me.  British National Got B1, Life in Germany certificates, got a full-time job, a German girlfriend and did training with the local THW.  I can apply after seven years, but it would mean my losing of British Citizenship (no exceptions in view of Brexit). 52% of Brits were very stupid. I don't ever want to return to the Divided Kingdom, but I don't see why I should lose out on dual-citizenship because 52% of people made a stupid vote.   Anyway, can anyone else clarify what I need to do regarding the Anmeldung?  This may all be for naught simply because B2.1 might not be enough.  I did B2.2 but failed because of grammatical mistakes, but that's a rant for another time...
  3. Hi folks, I am writing a report about a possible Brexit and how it could affect british expats. What do you think about this? Did any of you ever consider applying for German citizenship? Susanne
  4. I have been living in Germany for almost seven years. I have a permanent residence permit and unlimited working contract. if my child will be born in Germany, is he eligible to get German Citizenship?   I know about that, according to law, "A child born in Germany (on or after 1 January 2000) can acquire German nationality, even if neither of the parents is German. The only precondition is that one of the parents has been legally and habitually resident in Germany for eight years and has a permanent right of residence"   Can anyone have any situation like me?
  5. I have submitted my documents to get citizenship last August in Berlin. I still have not received it, although they said all my documents are ok. I sent them an email after 10 months. They said it will take atleast another 12 months. I though about hiring a lawyer to speed up the process. Do you guys think it will help? Has anyone done this through a lawyer give me some input?
  6. So here goes another red tape marathon.   anyone got a clear answer for the following questions?   - What’s the difference between personal name (Eigenname) and forename(s) - “Vorname”?
  7. Hi All,   I am wondering if anyone has applied for German citizenship by descent after the changes set out in the 2019 decrees by Minister Seehofer?   While there are additional paths rightfully provided to descendants of Nazi persecution, the decrees also provide a new pathway for de scendants of individuals who were born abroad to German women who were married, but due to the discriminatory laws of the time could not pass on German citizenship prior to 1953.   Has anyone applied yet via this new route?    
  8. Hi Toytowners,   I have recently applied for my naturalization here in Hamburg. I have applied after 6 years of living here in Germany.   I am curious to know how long has it taken for some of you who might have already received their certificate from Hamburg (or other state/city). I have been going through the Internet for the past 48 hours, but did not come across anything useful. So, therefore thought of asking here.   So, can you TT-ers share your experience regarding your Naturalisation process? Does not matter which state you are from. I would love to learn about your experiences. It might also help others who are similarly curious about it.   My apologies if this question has already been asked here under some other thread. I failed to find it either. A link to that thread would be much appreciated.   Many thanks,  H.Bee