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  1. Hi folks, I am writing a report about a possible Brexit and how it could affect british expats. What do you think about this? Did any of you ever consider applying for German citizenship? Susanne
  2. Good day,   Are there any South Africans who have gained German citizenship? I've been scouring the forum for months now, looking for some specific information:   In the requirements to get German citizenship, it clearly states that the applicant needs to prove that they have renounced their citizenship (if possible) In the requirements to renounce South African citizenship, it clearly states that the applicant needs to prove that they already have a new citizenship before being able to formally renounce their SA citizenship. (Not allowed to be stateless)   Seems like a bit of a chicken or the egg situation.   South Africans do automatically lose citizenship if no application was made to keep citizenship, but if Germany requires this proof before new citizenship can be given, then I am a little lost.   If there's any South Africans there who have solved this riddle, or anyone who have a similiar process to renounce citizenship, assistance (or fancy guesswork) would be greatly appreciated.   Have a nice day! Marilee
  3. Hello everyone,   I recently applied for German citizenship and was wondering what to do if renouncing my current citizenship takes too long. There is a procedure for that, but the renunciation process does not work well and frequently lasts over 5 years.    It is ridiculous to wait that long to get the German passport, but I've seen somewhere that it is possible to claim that renouncing your citizenship is impossible or too complicated, and still become German. My question is how long I would have to wait before I can claim that the process has taken unreasonably long? Also how long is the process going to take in Germany and what do I need to do (I hope I won't need to go to court)?   Also is there any chance that the officials here in Germany would just say that I have to wait as long as it takes.   thanks a lot best wishes Lemonade
  4. Has anyone recently applied for einburgerung at Burgeramt Pankow ? How long did it take to get Termin there, and how long did the process take. Currently it shows appointments only until 21. November, (all booked). Can anybody share their experience?
  5. Hi guys! So, I don't believe this specific topic has been addressed before. Here goes:   After three months of marriage, my husband (a German citizen) left me at my sister's wedding. It was devastating and entirely unexpected and it's made life very difficult for the last year and a half. My Aufenthalt is, as you might imagine, now dependent on the marriage. We have not officially separated yet, as I was holding out hope that I could apply for citizenship after two years. So, my question is: Is this possible? What if we get separated after I turn in my application, will that be a problem? I have just finished an MA at a German university and am currently unemployed - what are my options for remaining in Germany if citizenship is not an option?    Here are some facts about my situation to help guide your response:   - I've lived in Berlin for five years now, going on six next month and we will have been "married" for two years in April - I speak German fluently (I have a degree in German and an MA in linguistics) - I am a US citizen  - My "husband" now lives in London where he is studying - My "husband" would be onboard with fibbing about our status, as long as it doesn't require much effort on his part   Let's ignore the whole "no dual citizenship" thing for the moment, that's a whole other can of worms. My questions are:   1. Are we at risk of facing criminal charges if our marriage is outed as a "fraud"?  2. Does the citizenship plan sound plausible?  3. What would happen if we DID file for separation after my application had been turned in?  4. If I determined that this was too risky/not workable, or that I'd just rather have a divorce sooner, on what grounds could I stay in Germany? Surely they don't just kick you out?   I understand that this is a complicated situation and I appreciate your advice! Thanks in advance!    
  6. German Citizenship Questions

    Hello All, Appreciate your help or has anyone encountered a similar situation or case.The backgound  :- My visa expires on the 04/2019 and my work contract might not get renewed, however my wife is a permanent resident ( Studied for 2 , worked for 8 years and will continue post Elternzeit ) , our daughter is already a german citizen on the basis of her mothers visa status. Q1- Can we get or apply for german citizenship with my wife as the primary applicant as she satisfies all the requirements for Citizenship and I as the secondary ( We have been married for more then 6 years and living in Germany since December 2011 I have paid Rente for 58 months in total )Q2 - Do the laws differ from state to state Q3 - I  have availed  ALG-I for a period of 6 months in between when I was layed of a job will this impact the Citizenship application Q4 - We requested for an appointment  on the 02.03.2018 with the Darmstadt office, however still havent recieved a response., any help appreciated Q5 - Once documents are submitted how long does it take ?     Cheers Ragas
  7. Hi everyone,    I am planning to apply for citizenship in Germany (I am an EU citizen) and my girlfriend for permanent residency (she is non-EU citizen). Does anyone know if it is possible to hire a lawyer to do this for us? I understand there is an immense amount of paper work and waiting time. Anyone knows a good lawyer that specialises in this area in Berlin and how much would it roughly cost?    Thank you!   
  8. Good evening everyone     After spending the whole evening googling and reading various forums it was somehow inevitable that I should end up here on TT, as it’s the forum which saved me some 7 years ago.   I’ve been living in Germany for 8 years, have a bf of 2 years, no kids and will start new job in 2 weeks.   2 years ago my Grandad died, he was the first Grandparent to pass, - (I’ve always been thankful to have had “full sets” of Grandparents on both sides) and since then I’ve had thoughts of returning home. The first fleeting thoughts have since taken up strong root and I’m now seriously considering it. I’ve never really felt settled here, none of my friends are German (I don’t have many of them anyway as i’ve moved around a lot) and I kinda feel like I only stayed the last few years because it was easier, and that if it weren’t for my boyfriend I’d already be back where I feel I belong.   My brother, however, says I’m living in the past and should be careful as moving and visiting isn’t the same (d’uh!) People have moved on and things aren’t like before.    I’m so very afraid I’ll move back and then regret it though, and Brexit seems to make everything so uncertain.    On nationality: i could get the german Citizenship as I fulfill requirements.  I could get Irish Citizenship by descent   I’m not really sure what my question is here, just need to hear from others who know what I’m going through I think.   Have any you considered moving back, either due to Brexit or homesickness (family getting old etc) or actually moved back ? Do you have dual-nationally? Should I just wait & see what happens next year or strike while I can before I get bogged down again?    Any thoughts and experiences will be much appreciated!    Thanks