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  1. So here goes another red tape marathon.   anyone got a clear answer for the following questions?   - What’s the difference between personal name (Eigenname) and forename(s) - “Vorname”?
  2. Hi folks, I am writing a report about a possible Brexit and how it could affect british expats. What do you think about this? Did any of you ever consider applying for German citizenship? Susanne
  3. Hello Everyone, I have a question about B1 Certificate for Citizenship in Germany. i am planning to do the b1 TELC exam soon,,,can i use the certificate after 4 years? or at the time of using it,  it should be no longer than two years? because if it needs to be no longer than two years i would not take the exam now,,,i do it in a couple of years.   Thanks in advance!
  4. Has anyone recently applied for einburgerung at Burgeramt Pankow ? How long did it take to get Termin there, and how long did the process take. Currently it shows appointments only until 21. November, (all booked). Can anybody share their experience?
  5. Good morning,   I have been looking through TT for a while, using the search functionality, but have been unable to find the exact answer I am looking for. I moved to Germany for work, but shortly after arriving, I met a German man (now fiance). I am here on a work permit which is tied to my employer and valid for 3 years. Employed full time, unbefrisstet.   We are getting married in Denmark next month, but that doesn't have much to do with my question. My question here is: 1. Do I have to register my marriage in my home country first and change my last name before registering it in Germany? Or can I do Germany first cause home country might take longer. Then just go back to Germany to change the last name?   Next question: 2. Do I have to change anything concerning my visa? All the post I'm seeing is people coming here to get married, not coming here for work and unexpectedly finding their person here. I don't need an integration course or an A1 certificate now, right? I've been living and working here for 18 months and only speak German in my job.   3. Then, if I were to get citizenship, do I first need to get niederlassungserlaubnis before I can think about citizenship? Because the way I understand it it's 3 years of which 2 years you've been married, to get it. But I would still have a normal Aufenthaltstitel (probably valid for 5 years as it will be my second Aufenthaltstitel) at this point.   I know those are many thoughts in one post, but if anyone can help a gal out, it would be much appreciated. I love planning and already budgetting and planning my time to get my B1 certificate and all that jazz. Was just unsure about the above.   Thanks in advance.
  6. A little pre-text: I was born in "City A", but my parents registered me in "City B" because that was their permanent residence at that time. Now my birth certificate can only be issue from local body of "City B". When I was a baby they moved back to "City A" and due to some reasons all my other documents (school certificate, national ID card, passport) has the place of birth as "City A". So basically, - My birth is registered in "City B" - All other documents has place of birth as "City A"   My problem: I see that in Germany "place of birth" has some kind of significance. I need to apply for "Einbürgerung" (Citizenship by naturalization), can this become a hurdle in that?
  7. Hello, I have looked through the forums, but believe my question is still unique! I am British and have lived in Berlin since 2008, and am now applying for German Ctizenship. I have recieved ALG II unemployment benefit since 2009, whilst simulatneously freelancing. As my earnings have contually increased, the amount of benefit I get in actually money payments recently has reduced to zero - namely, the benefit only pays for my AOK health insurance. I have stayed in the system mainly as my employers often cancel contracts with no comeback on my side, so my future earnings are never guaranteed.   I realise the citizienship application rules are strict, you're not supposed to be on benefits. The specified exceptional reasons don't apply in my case. However, when I explained my case to the official at the Berlin Mitte behorde who gave me my form, she said that applying with the ALG II only covering health insurance "should be alright". Perhaps she believed it was positive that I was regularly working, and at least the state's ALG II contribution is realtively small.   I realise it's a grey area, but my question is how seriously I can take the opinion of the official? Are they likely to be able to speak accurately about how cases are processed in their area? Plus, is it the interviewer actually the person who processes your form? Some people have cliamed to me that it really is just luck of the draw - each official might process the form differently. Or could there be a standard Berlin Mitte procedure?   And does anyone know of previous cases or any precedent involving freelancers and ALG II? If they reject an application, might they then then say something like "apply again when you have left the ALG II system"?   Also, might she be upbeat about my case because they are fast-tracking British applications due to Brexit? Or is that only gossip that I've heard?!!   Many thanks for your input, I'd really appreciate it!
  8. To everyone who has already become dual nationals, (DE + other country, or non-DE + non-DE) I have a quick question on how Germany determines this on paperwork:   On your rentenversicherung, sozialversicherung, taxes, jahresabrechnung, and many other items of paperwork from DE authorities, there is usually a listing of numbered codes / Kuerzel that correspond to nationality. E.g. 168  (British).   These codes are usually house-internal, so may not be the same for each authority/paperwork. The full listing of the codes is usually printed in fine-print on the reverse of the papers, or in accompanying explanation notes. There is usually only adequate space for holding a single code.   So how, and who gets to decide which of your nationality codes is listed on paperwork? Or is it just whichever nationality you held the earliest?    
  9. HI All   I am from Non EU country I have applied for German citizenship, and they told it is complicated to maintain current one, so I have checked a checkbox that I am ready to give up current one   on the other hand I checked with my current country,  and they told it is OK to have both, can make an application to maintain the current one, or after applying for German one and losing current one I can apply to restore. but if I restore on the other side  than I may lose the German one.   Do you have experience with such cases? how to keep both should I contact immigration lawyers to sort it out ?
  10. Hi!   We are relocating to Germany in a few months and I have a question on residency.   My husband is a German citizen and I am Australian. We have 2 children, both Australians. I understand that our children are entitled to dual citizenship, however atm they only have Australian passports.   1. Do you know of any issues entering the country as 1 German/3 Australians without a return ticket? 2. Will the children require German passports before entering? 3. What am I required to do after arrival, for my residency?   Vielen Dank für ihre Hilfe!