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  1. Hi everyone   We've recently moved to the Baden-Baden area with our 2 children aged 2y6 and 6m for 10 months. While it seems like we will manage to get the elder son into daycare for a few hours a week, it'll be a small group and we'd like to find some more activities for him to do, where he would get more chances to socialize. He used to go to a playgroup with lots of children and he really misses that. He doesn't speak German yet, but I'm sure that will not be a problem for him (he speaks English ok)   Any sort of sports, gym classes, arts, ... that sort of thing. Swimming for kids and babies would be also great. My German is getting better slowly, but I still struggle to search for these things effectively.   I know nowadays most of these things will be closed, but I'm hopeful that in a month or so that could turn again. (#stayPositive :-D)   Any sort of help or pointer would be great. Thanks a lot!  
  2. Why get Married?

    Hey everyone,   So, my long-term girlfriend is pregnant (15 weeks!) and we are very excited. She is German and I'm a German/American Dual Citizen, and we've been living together in Bavaria for a few years, it's looking unlikely we'd move to the U.S. for quite a while at least. The question that follows is perhaps obvious, but I could not locate a good answer with a brief search.   The question: Is there any practical benefit for us to become married? Neither of us are interested in it for "Romantic" reasons. Yes, I'm sure. But are there other reasons? More specifically, any reason to hurry and tie the knot (perhaps eloping) before the child arrives? But I am also interested in reasons in the general sense.   Although of course I'd want to register the child's inherited dual nationality, as far as I can tell, this is perfectly possible without a marriage certificate, provided I can summon the required documents. We both earn about 30k Brutto, if that is relevant to this question. If it's not plainly obvious, we're leaning towards not bothering with it, or maybe later, but I'm open to hearing other opinions. Vielen dank!
  3. Hey all,   So my wife and I recently moved to Offenburg and our first born child was born here too. We have settled in but are still looking to expand our social circle. With that said as I work in a multinational and travel a lot (or used to before this mess) my German is no where near the level yet even though my wife speaks it. So I wanted to see if there are English speakers, be it expats, natives etc who have experienced a similar move such as ours and could have somethings in common.   Thanks and stay safe out there,