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  1. Our 7 year old daughter, who is half English and half German, has mentioned that she would love a friend who is in the same situation as her: going to a German- only school, but speaking English at home. So, if there are any other 6-8 year old native English speaking girls who might be interested... she would love to hear from you!
  2. Does anyone know of any cinemas that are child friendly in Frankfurt that show English movies? I have a 2 and 4 year old.
  3. "Learn to read" games in German

    My partners; 6 year old Tri-lingual kid (German, Icelandic and French) is learning to read and he was very excited about the process when he used an English game called ""   Are there any German equivalents? Fun, funny, simple, designed for education and very addictive to play? Cheers -  Clem
  4. Hi,  I have the following books for sale.  (1) Winnie's New Computer - Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul (2) How to Hide a Lion - Helen Stephens (3) Farmer Duck/ Bauern Ente - Martin Wadell and Helen Oxenbury (4) Sally and the Limpet - Simon James (5) Meg's Eggs - Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski (6) Meg at Sea - "".."" (7) The Kiss that Missed - David Melling (8) The Princess and the Wizard - Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks (9) Dinosaur Roar! - Paul and Henrietta Stickland (10) Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Frightful Night - Kristina Stephenson (11) Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure - Kristina Stephenson (12) One Man went to Mow -Rose Impey and Chris Mould (13) Winnie at the Seaside - Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul (14) Dinosaurs love Underpants - Claire Freedman and Ben Cort (15) Aliens love Underpants - "..." (16) Aliens in Underpants Save the World - "..." (17) Winnie in Winter - Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul (18) Winnie's Magic Wand - "..." (19) Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp - Carol Diggory Shields (20) The Gruffalo's Child - Julia Donaldson (21) Giraffes Can't Dance - Giles Andreae (22) Charlie Cooks Favourite Book - Julia Donaldson (23) Stickman -".." (24) Money Puzzle - "..." (25) The Smallest Giant in Town . ".." (26) A Squash and a Squeeze - ".." (27) The Snail and the Whale - ".." (28) Room on a Broom - ".." (29) The Gruffalo - ".." (30) Finding Nessie (31) Grandad's Dinosaur - Brough Girling (32) The Tale of Tommy Nobody  (33) The Tale of Two Bad Mice - Beatrix Potter (34) The Tale of a Fierce Bad Rabbit - Beatrix Potter (35) The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck - Beatrix Potter (36) Winnie Flies Again - Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul (37) How do Dinosaurs Go To School - Jane Yolen and Mark Teague (38) Tyrone the Dirty Rotten Cheat - Hand Wilhelm (39) Laura's Star - Klaus Baumgart (40) The Night Pirates - Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright (41) Charlie's Superhero Underpants (42) Rude Roger - Tony Garth (43) Aunt Amelia - Rebecca Cobb (44) Penguin - Polly Dunbar (45) Hairy Maclary's Show Business- Lynley Dodd (46) Hairy Maclary's Caterwaul Caper - ".." (47) Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack - ".."   I will sell the whole lot for 25 Euros. If people want particular books then please contact me and we can discuss the price individually.    Pick up is in Kieferngarten.    
  5. I have the following puzzles to sell including a lovely Christmas puzzle. I would like 4 Euros for all of them or 1 Euro per puzzle. Pick up is in Kieferngarten. 
  6. Hello,   I couldn't find a similar post so I hope it's ok to create a new one. Am looking for some input on the languages topic.. My husband and I have a two year old son and a 12 week old daughter, our son goes to Krippe (not a bilingual one) so his language there is German, and at home we speak English and French. He has just turned 2 and knows lots of words in French and English and he understands alot in both languages but isn't forming short sentences yet. As for his German he knows a few words too. I'm not too concerned that he is a bit behind some of our friends' kids at home because he is learning 3 languages, not 1. Anyway yesterday we had the 'annual review' with two of his carers at nursery and one of the main points that came up was his lack of attention, which they said is alot more extreme than other kids. Things go through one ear and out of the other, he stares blankly at them when he is being told off then carries on doing the exact same thing, doesn't understand instructions sometimes, seems to be in his own little world, etc, etc. These are all things I've noticed at home but put it down to selective hearing, trying to process 3 languages at once and generally being a toddler. Well the carers at nursery think there's something wrong with him and suggested he meet the Sozialpädagoge to assess him for possible 'Wahrnehmungsstörung" (sensory problems). We also need to get his ears and eyes checked to see if the problem lies there. So my question is, has anybody who has brought up a trilingual child ever had a similar experience? How have your toddlers been in terms of paying attention/language development with 2 or 3 languages?   Thanks!
  7. HUMPTY-DUMPTY SAT ON A WALL... Do you love children - and know how to handle them with care? We are looking for an English native speaker in Munich who has experience working with children (age range 4 to 6 years), loves to sing and play with them and would like to join our international team of the Munich language school sphairos. We have to cover one class in a kindergarten on Fridays 10.20 to 11.20 am, preferably starting in the beginning of November. Some knowledge of the German language is essential. Interested? And available? Well, pick up the phone and give us a ring: Sphairos: 089- 18 70 31 56 or send us your CV by mail to
  8. We are Oliver (10), Sophie (8), Peter, Stephanie and Smartie the dog. We are, or we would like to say a  pretty easy going family who enjoy doing many outdoor and sporting activities. Oliver is now at „Realschule“ and Sophie attends the local primary school. Our kids have grown up bilingual as Peter is from England. However most of our day to day life is in German.   We are looking for an aupair to join our family as soon as possible.   If you are interested please pm me.   Looking forward to hearing from you
  9. Hi, if interested, please feel free to have a look by us  Cheers