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  1. I am Masters student, living in Hessen, from Pakistan. I came in this country (like others) last year for further studies and for the bright future. I, like any student, had any country to go but because Germany is offering free education and providing the good market for the Software Engineers so, I came here.   The recent incident in Chemnitz is indeed the worst thing to happen in any society and no human can deny that. However, because of the current wave, I don't know if I am walking down the street at random day and some native German considers me one of those people who rapes, kills (because of the stereotypes) and stabs me. I have invested my 1.5 years, paid taxes, contributed in the society and I am willing to do as much as I can for Germany.   Now, I am considering to move to US. Is my fear right? Can I visit any city in (East) Germany any time without any fear? Am I, as an international and muslim student, liability on this country? Will I be the victim of political unstability of the country?