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  1. I will try to be concise with my question. I have been given some recommendations for UK tax advisers, which I will probably employ in the end, but I wanted to ask a general question on here and get some basic pointers.   I have UK citizenship, parents are British. I lived in Europe from 1994 until 2016, then in the UK until August 2020, when I relocated to Germany. Paid tax in UK from 2017 up until the tax return I am currently doing for 2020-21.   I have a long-term investment in gold which is not taxed in Germany, as I understand. I plan to sell out slowly and while I have no problem with paying CGT in the UK (because there is a threshhold, you can split a sale over two tax years, it is not all that much anyway...), I did wonder about how long I would need to reside in Germany until I can basically escape having to pay HMRC anything? Is it five-six years?