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  1. I got my first dose of Pfizer vaccine this morning at my Hausarzt praxis. I asked whether I can get it documented. What I got is a 1950-style yellow booklet, which was only filled with my name, no other id details, and on one of the pages one line in handwriting showing a date , a cross in column for COVID19  and signature of the doc with a "rubber stamp" ( of questionable visibility) and with a sticker that only has some text on it. I asked if they have something more "secure" perhaps electronic , the doctor just smiled and said that in terms of electronic certificate Germany is behind Romania (his words not mine)  My parentsgot vaccinated in Sweden last month, also with Pfizer, and I have seen the stickers they got: secured with hologram and 3D bar code. and they were able to scan the code to their electronic vaccination card called "mittvaccin" which was than verified electronically by the lab who gave them the stab So I wonder: will this yellow booklet I got, be recognized at all when traveling abroad? There is no id-details except the name, the vaccine is not identified by secure means plus there are probably other issues