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  1. Dear All,   I have found a few threads on related topics albeit very old ones and not quite my situation, hence the new thread...   I plan to trade in my current car while purchasing a new one from a dealer. The plan is to drive to the dealer (100 kms away) in the current car and then drive back with the new one. I understand I should de-register my old car asap but can it be done a day or two after I have sold it?  This way I have a chance to drive back to Munich and then do it the next day while I register the new one. Or, will I have broken the law by selling it before de-registering, even if only by a day or two?  Or is there no law and I am just being silly?   Also, I plan to get temporary car insurance here in Munich (for the drive home) and then the dealer will organise a 5 day temporary registration so that I can drive it back legally. Will this work and has anyone else done this?   Any information would be greatly appreciated.