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  1. Hi everyone, In 2020 I`ve changed my car insurance. From Allianz to HUK24 the reason of course price. I´m supposed to be in 2020 - SF-Klasse 8. On 07.02.2020 I´ve received a letter from HUK 24 about “Neue Einstufung in SF-Klasse” and it is SF-Klasse 3 ?!?! I had 3 years accepted by Allianz from another EU country. I know that by changing I´m losing it. Then it is 8-3= 5 right? How come SF-Klasse 3 then?!?! Any idea? I had one accident, but I paid everything myself, not the insurance, there was no change in the SF-Klasse. Allianz give info to HUK 24 only how long I was insurance by them or in general. Because I think in the very beginning I had another car insurance by Cosmos Direkt. Not only the bad SF-Klasse now by HUK 24 but I cannot buy the Rabattschutz (min SF-Klasse 4 ) What can I do? Thank you in advance for your help. P.S. I read about - Bescheinigung gemäß §5 Abs. 7 Pflichtversicherungsgesetz für Kraftfahrzeuge. I´ve never receved one. Should I request it? I´m confused.
  2. Hello Toytown,   My wife was involved in an accident few weeks back, where her car(insured under my name) was hit by another car while she was getting into main street from her company premises. The view was blocked by a parked truck so by the time the road was visible, there was this other car breaking heavily , but it was too late for both of them.  The other car hit ours at front left, leaving scratches on the fender and a slightly loose headlight.    She called the police, they gave a document where she was at fault ( acceptable, as there was no vorfahrt for her ). So I called the insurance company and send them the police report. The guy there told me that , I have two choices , either I use my vollkasko and get the beitrag increased, or I repair it from my pocket. I decided to asses it in a workshop and then decide.    Weeks later my car got a pretty heavy scartch on its right rear side, during reverse parking. We failed to see a traffic sign pole      Yesterday I was at few body shops and they say it will be roughly 1500Euro(900 for the rear scratch +300 for the  front one if no broken headlight case ) all together including mwst.   I am in SF2 (I dont know the current state as the previous accident is already reported). My contract says Iam at SF2 for both hafplicht and also for KASKO.  I have selbstbeteiligung 300 euros and also a wekstattbindung   Since both are from different accidents I have to pay 600 Euros minimum for sure.   I visited few bodyshops to get some estimate.    One workshop guy told me that I may claim for the larger one(rear scratch from sign pole) and pay the front one myself, also he told that if I go to him I have to pay 15 %  of the bill myself since I will be violating wekstattbindung policy.  He also told that if I do it there he could give me some adjustments with the minor work which I will be paying from my pocket.    Now I like to calculate which one is better for me. A) Go to the contract workshop, pay 600 Euros and then get the beitrag increased.   B ) go to this guy , pay 300 for one claim and pay the rest from my pocket and reduce the beitrag incriment if that works.    I tried to figure out this by calling the insurance company, they told that they need the work estimate before saying anything.    Could anyone offer some advice on  how the annual payment will increase after multiple claims,  please?    Thanks in advance, (please excuse the typos , I was evading a toddler while typing this  )