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  1. My wife was reversed into on the car park of our daughter's Kindergarten by one of the employees, the cause of the crash and fault is NOT in dispute. We took the car (a ford fiesta) to ford and got a quote for the damage repair, they gave us a quote and took photos, etc and we paid 70 some odd euros for it which we would get taken off the total when we get the work done.    We passed this on to the insurance company who disputed the cost and told us to use another firm and issued a check for a lesser amount less the VAT, which we are apparently supposed to claim back ourselves in our tax at the end of the year.   This would mean we lose the 70 odd euros and won't get the bumper replaced with new parts but repaired and resprayed.   The insurance company I'm dealing with is VHV (that is the insurance company of the other person)   I have a few questions here.   1.  Is there a duty on our part to take the vehicle to a specialist repair shop and not to an authorised dealer (who offer insurance repairs)?   2. Is it normal that they pay out the repair cost less the VAT?  I have never heard of anything like this before.   3. Can they insist that we have the work done with a specific company?   4. Can they insist that we opt for a body repair and not replace with original parts? note - The rear bumper is cracked and I don't want a plastic weld and repaint, I've managed garages for years and I know that these very often give after a few years and you can see where the repair was done, I feel that we should be entitled to have the bumper replaced with original parts.   I would be VERY grateful of any help or advice.   D