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  1. Good evening all, I'm wondering if anyone had a similar experience and can contribute. I've read all similar posts but they don't describe the process.   I had an accident -- I in a bicycle and the other party in a car. Details not important, but I fell (helmets save your head!). People called ambulance and police, which arrived quickly. When police asked what happened I was only able to say that I was trying to turn left (I was still pretty shaken up), and then I was taken by the ambulance. The police interviewed the witnesses as well.   I called the police 2 days later to give my full statement (I was in hospital until that point) and also ask for the report so I can claim money for my helmet. Instead, they said the report had already been completed and forwarded to the Staatsanwalt (state attorney) and they also said that I am mainly at fault, but the Staatsanwalt will review it to determine if I have to pay any Bussgeld (penalty). I was pissed --  from the victim I became the perpetrator. I asked to see the report, and they said that they don't release the report as it is confidential and only lawyers and insurance firms can review it.   Today I received a letter from the police which has the contact info of the other party, the witnesses, and mine (It is not the police report). It further says I may forward this letter to my attorney or insurance firm (I assume so they can review the police report). Letter doesn't say anything about guilt. I don't know the process, but I assume the police report is now being reviewed  Staatsanwalt who will probably  in the near future send me a determination for the Bussgeld (penalty).   I don't see why the Staatsanwalt would make a different determination when the report probably says I'm at fault. So I'm now worried and not so much by the Bussgeld but if the driver decides to sue for damages. I don't think there were any damages, and if any probably a scratch to the front and maybe a dent to the hood. But based on some of the horror stories I read on some of the other posts, even this can get expensive. I don't have liability insurance   I really want to see the report because (a) if the police pictures show the car where I think it was, then there is no way I'm guilty in any right-driving country, and I will definitely get an attorney; (b) if  can also see the car for any damages, and if there are none I can relax; and if there are damages I can evaluate whether they're small enough to pay it rather than get lawyers involved and end up pay the same.   1) Is there a way to get my hands on this police report? 2) Since I don't know the legal process, is there a legal disadvantage if I wait for the Staatsanwalt letter before getting an attorney or do it now (basically pay fees of up to 200 Euros based on what some other posts).   Thanks
  2. Hello Everyone,   I have question about buying a used car. So the story goes like:   A private seller offers the car which he can handover after 2 weeks (becuase his new one will come after 2 weeks). He said that he wants to make a Kaufvertrag right now, so that he has a peace of mind that car is sold in time. Along with this Kaufvertrag he wants approx 15% down payment (around 500 Euros). He said that he will post the contract to me with his signature and then I will sign and send back to him. Then I should transfer the down payment to his bank account. After 2 weeks, I make the full payment and take the car. Few things to consider: I found the advertisement on I live in Dresden and he lives in Chemnitz. We had an appointment in Chemnitz (Lidl Parking) and he showed me the car. My friend also had a test drive. He was with his friend. He seems nice and answered our all questions.  The price of the car is in good to average range (not too good to be true).  I want to ask whether it is normal to ask down payment for reservation? How can I have surity that I am not scamed or decieved? Is there a secure way to transfer the money in case there are problems, so that I can get back my money? Thank you very much in advance.
  3. Where to park ?

    Hallo !!   I'll be moving to Nürnberg in a few weeks and I have a question regarding my car (I haven't find any post on that subject).   I am moving from France to Nürnberg and will be coming with my car. I have found a temporary apartment and I have questions about parking. I don't know what the rules are. Is a parking permit mandatory to park on the street close by your place? In France I do have my own parking space so that's not a question but I lived in Ireland and I had to get a parking permit so I was allowed to park on a few streets around my place without having to pay everyday.   Thanks !
  4. Hi all,   I will shortly be transferring to Munich with my company and they will be covering some of my relocation expenses (they give me a lump sum), but I am wondering whether it is actually worthwhile to think about moving my car from the US to Germany.   I am noticing that cars in Germany are far more expensive than the US, even if we are talking about BMWs, used or new (I am mostly interested in used).  My current car is valued at around 12-13k in the US market, but if I it would be worth it, i would much prefer to move it to Germany than sell it in the US and buy another one when i get to Germany.   Moreover, I was potentially thinking of getting a better car in Europe, maybe a bmw m3 or i8 for example, but again, it looks like prices for used cars are significantly higher in Germany than here in the US. Would it even be worth thinking about buying it here in the US with the intention to move it there ?   If anyone has experience and can shed some light, it would be great. Thanks !
  5. Hello, living in Geneva now, I will be selling by old car which I bought in Germany back then, registered on German plates. The buyer will be registering it either in CH or FR, after the deal, so I need to do my part by allow this at Stuttgart Zulassungstelle first. I have spent hours trying to find what exactly I will need to have with me and what not, plus what is the cheapest way how to do it. Would you have a clue? 1. This webpage describes the export via "Ausfuhrkennzeichen". What makes me totally confused is the line "Das Fahrzeug ist vorzuführen" in the pre-requisites. Does this mean they expect the car physically there in the moment when I will be doing the paperwork at the Zulassungstelle? The thing is, I totally don't want to drive the car 500 km and back. Why it is written there? I have never heard of that necessity, isn't this just a false information on the webpage?   2. The Ausfuhrkennzeichen solution is actually pretty expensive. Special plates, special insurance for the transport. My case is probably unusual in a fact, that I don't need to transport it anywhere. The buyer will take it here in Geneva, I will take the German plates, and I just need to deregister it in Germany - but as far I understand it, I cannot make a simple deregister without telling the Zulassungstelle that someone else will be registering the car abroad? Because it would be probably not possible then, maybe they even collect the car papers from me at the Zulassungstelle, when I will ask for deregistering...? upon which it would be impossible for the buyer to register it elsewhere, of course. Do you please know how should I handle it? Many thanks.
  6. E-car tips

    So I finally confirmed my Tesla Model 3 order this past week! It will take some weeks to receive it, but in the meantime I want to prepare for it.   I came up with some topics where I could use some help and maybe this is also useful for others thinking on moving to EVs.   Questions: Is there an electricity tariff for night charges? My supplier is E.On but I could move to another. Any useful tips on where to do in-city charging? Which charging stations are cheaper? How to register for them? Useful smartphone apps for charging stations? I´ve seen google maps has them now, but maybe there are more useful ones. Any recommended electrician in Munich to change the garage installation for higher amperage? Or does Tesla recommend one? How much should I expect for a service like that? What other cable/adapters would I need to be on the safe side, i.e. maximum compatibility with all charging stations. Any "must have" accessories for the car? I will get a USB drive for the "Sentry mode" for sure!   Bear in mind, I will probably do most of my charging at home, but if it is much cheaper outside, I would go once a week to a public charger.