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  1. Hi all, yesterday I was in my car. I stopped on the side of the street on a parking lot and all of a sudden a car crashed my right mirror. I jumped out of the car screaming heeeeeeeeey the car stopped for a moment and decided to continue on its way. Luckily I remembered the car nummber and I called the police. They came, they made photos and everything. They are not giving me any info about the people that caused the incident. Suddenly I received a SMS in which they said that they are sorry and if I send them the car service bill they will pay it asap. What would you do in my place? Should I provide my bank details and hopefully they transfer the money or should I contact their insurance and go the offical way, even contacting a lawyer or what? Thank you in advanced for the fast replies!
  2. Car expenses for freelancers

    Hey, I would like to know how does it work in terms of tax of leasing/buying a car for work related issue. I live in Berlin and work as a freelance, I would like to buy/lease a car for work purposes only (meetings out of Berlin, Will use the car for private issues only in case of emergency).   If you can help me understand a. Are all costs tax deductible (car, service, insurance, petrol)? b. I understand I need a log book for the first 3 months? how do I prove it's for work? c. what happens if I sell the car? d. what happens if I stop being a freelnace? e. are there any price limitaions on the car?   Thank you!    
  3. Hello, I am selling my Ford focus titanium 2011,1.6l, Benzene (patrol), 118000km in very good condition, new all-weather tires, for 5300 Euros  (pictures attached) and a Sofa bed for 320 euros.   Follow the link for pictures
  4. Looking to get from Riva Del Garda to Munich. One way with mtnbike. At end of July.   Rental car agencies average price is over 1000eur (yikes)(actually preference is car hire).   BlaBlaCar/etc seem out of business during corona times, and Deutsche Bahn is simply not convenient.   Any ideas ?
  5. Has anyone got experience in bringing a car to the UK and registering it? I am going crazy trying to do that. I filled the NOVA form for HMRC. Now I'm trying to register it, which I'm doing through the V355-5 form https://assets.publishing.service.g...-and-registration-of-a-used-motor-vehicle.pdf ‘Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a used motor vehicle’. The information required is unbelievable. Ive managed to fill most of it using their guide and from my EC Certificate of Conformity but several boxes cannot be filled because the certificate doesn't have that information e.g. Vehicle family identification number - not even the dealer knows what that is. Then there is a list of Supporting Documents that are required, some of them adding "Where Appropriate". How do I know if it's appropriate? The worse part is their statement that if the form and documentation are not complete, they will return the application. Even scarier is the statement "Note: we do not return original non-UK registration documents or certificates". I need those so I can return my plates to Germany and deregister the car. Any help will be gratefully accepted.