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  1. I need to purchase motor oil filter, diesel fuel filter, and  a 6 liter of 5w-30 C2 or C3 of full synthetic oil for car oil change. Any idea where is the good place to purchase ?  I have forgotten where i purchased last time. I don't like the idea to purchase motor oil from store that overstock and does not sell out before "expiry date" of the motor oil. Any good reputable store where oil stock constantly renewed ? Thanks
  2. I wonder if there is any issue at all if i mix 5w-30c2 with 5w-30c3 ? I need 6 liter oil, hence need to purchase a 5 liter and a 1 liter.. I also wonder why C3 oil is cheaper than C2 oil (by 1 euro  , for a liter bottle).
  3. I have experienced loud brake knocking sound mostly only happened when i do reverse. Some time i tried to emulate the knocking, but it just does not happened, but everytime when i drove from work and "have to" make a curved reverse then brake, the brake knocking sound (ka ka ka) "so loud" always occurs.   Initially i thought it was brake loose, but after checked, they are tight. Than i thought might be due to my steering mechanism , but i have no knocking sound when drive forward , so should not be steering mechanism. Then i think it should be cv axle ??   Anybody have this problem on toyota avensis ? Thanks  
  4. Hi everyone,   I was wondering: if you immigrate to another country and need to get a new local car insurance, are the insurers taking into account your previous insurer's data such as the duration of insurance without accidents, in order to get a cheaper contract ? Or you need to start the contract as a new driver ?   Thank you,  
  5. Anybody doing diy self repair on own car ? I like to repair my own car whenever it is possible. For the past week, my brake starts to make sound, which indicate the brake pad wearing off.. I tried to search brake pad from ATU webpage, but somehow i can't locate it.. Any body can recommend me  which website that well car parts which is good quality and good price ? Or anybody recommend some new brake brand ? and which brand should not use ? I am tending to try the "ceramic brake pad and rotor..." just never use it before , hence dare not try it. No idea is it worth it or safe ..   I am having Toyota avensis D4D engine ..2 liter engine.. the version before the adblue engine. I am at Neuss Thx