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  1. Hi All,   I am moving back to the UK, and will use a removal company to take my apartment contents and my German registered oldtimer.   The removal company suggests keeping it registered during the move and deregistering it once I arrive in the UK. Other sources say I must export the car, and get 'Ausfuhrkennzeichen'. So do I have to deregister first, then get the Ausfuhrkennzeichen, then ship it over?   What should be the correct method??? If I keep it German registered and ship it to the UK, would I be creating other problems?   Thank you for any help Best
  2. Keeping a car in another country?

    We are considering sending one of our cars to Portugal, as we will not need 2 in Germany any more. Our plan is to make a TuV before time, ship it to Portugal, and keep it in German plates, with German insurance, for one year or two, and use it there for our holidays, as for example in 2022 we will have spent 3 months there. Later we would either sell it there or legalize it to Portuguese license plates.   Is there anything illegal about this? Or issues with insurance? It seems OK from my perspective, but of course, Germany is Germany!