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  1. From August all kids studying in Berlin (primary and secondary school) will have access to public transportation for free in the AB area:   You can apply here (starting tomorrow):       Thank you Red-Red-Green Coalition.
  2. Hello All,   I signed up for a monthly/yearly travel card with the BVG. It costs me 60 euros a month and I want to cancel it now (I no longer need it) I can not find out how to do this online so i wonder if anyone can help.   I believe that i must write to them and then it takes 6 weeks? is this right?
  3. Hello all, I am a German University graduate who is about to be under a work visa for 2 years. According to what I have read online, by the time my 2 years under a work visa are achieved, I would be then eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit "Niederlassungserlaubnis". I would technically be able to apply for this this year but recently I have read that fines can jeopardise the granting of this permit. I have done some more research but with mixed answers I have read that even a BVG fine could be a reason  I have been fined twice. I would like to know if this is true and if already my chances for getting the permit residence permit are gone.