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  1. Ticket kontrolle rules

    1) Which IDs should the inspectors (both BVG/railway employees and temporary workers) show to the passengers? I read somewhere (unofficial) that both a Betriebsausweis and a Dienstausweis are required before a passenger has to show them a ticket: Is this explicitly stated somewhere? The BVG site does say that ID should be shown - is this a picture ID ? The last three times I was checked, they had no ID visible on them, and when I asked one of them for ID, I was shown some BVG-yellow-card that did not look like any sort of employee ID (no name, picture etc).   2) If the passenger is asked to leave the train, can the inspectors physically move the passenger off the train if the passenger does not comply ?  Or legally, they can only call the police? Can they then demand an additional fine for refusing to follow instructions?   Thanks !   
  2. From August all kids studying in Berlin (primary and secondary school) will have access to public transportation for free in the AB area:   You can apply here (starting tomorrow):       Thank you Red-Red-Green Coalition.