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  1. I've looked around for info about this on TT but most discussions about ID cards for non-Germans are centred around the need (perceived or otherwise) to show Personalausweis to the police.   I was wondering if anyone knew about the situation with regard to public transport ticket checks? I downloaded the BVG ticketing app and would dearly love to purchase tickets on my phone so I don't have to remember to validate paper tokens. The problem however is that e-tickets are "only valid  in conjunction with an official identity card".   An email exchange with a friendly BVG rep confirmed that my only options were a driver's licence (which I don't have of course, preferring public transport) or a passport, which I'd rather not take with me every time I want to catch a train.   According to the rep, it's the VBB (Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg) who makes the rules and not the BVG. She says that copies of passports are not allowed, and I'm guessing my Krankenversicherung card isn't either (even though it's photo ID).   I'd rather not risk an argument with those nice ticket controllers until I'm sure where I stand. Any ideas or advice much appreciated.