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  1. Hello there, I need a bit of advice and I'm surprised that I couldn't already find an existing thread about this topic, but, as the title states, I'm an American expat living in Munich with a residence permit, who would like to buy a flat in Valencia, Spain for future retirement. Is there an expat out there with experience with living in Germany but purchased property in another EU country?   Some questions I have are: Would it be better to get a loan in Germany or Spain? Would I need to file taxes in Spain if I own a home there? I would assume yes, if it's a rental property and no if I don't rent it out? I currently don't file income taxes in Germany. I make very little and have no assets or deductions so I was told it wasn't necessary. But if I purchase a flat in Spain, would that mean that I would need to start to file income tax returns in Germany (weather it's rental property or not)? What are the biggest challenges of making a purchase abroad? Are there any hidden fees, higher interest rates, etc. as a non-EU citizen when purchasing property in the EU?   I'm sure there are some questions that I have not yet thought of but I have never done this before so I'm not 100% sure of what to ask. I'm just starting my research.   Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Mia