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  1. The Women Entrepreneurs of Munich is a community focused on supporting english-speaking female entrepreneurs in the Munich area.  On Thursday 20th Feb we have our next event : Woman Brand Yourself, lead by branding expert Meera Rimani,    WOMAN, BRAND YOURSELF As ambitious women working on their big visions, most of us are aware of the actions we need to take and the mindset we need to adopt. However, the third part of that equation is sometimes forgotten, and that is branding - how you embody your vision, your values, and your personality, and how that becomes a single cohesive unit that speaks for you, your product or service before you even enter a room. It's important to be clear and set a consistent brand tone that's authentic to you from the early stages of your business, and nurture it to evolve dynamically as you and your business grow. This will help you differentiate yourself and help you build a resonant tribe. In this month's WEM workshop, Meera Rimani will teach you how your branding strategy gives you a competitive edge: 1) What is your “Why”? 2) Who is your target market? Knowing your clients 3) What is your USP? 4) What is your mindset ? KISS 5) What are your values? 6) Where will you advertise? Buy your ticket, limited early bird tickets available:   To join the WEM Community on FB, click this link and fill out the membership questions:   The Mission of the Women Entrepreneurs of Munich is to create a community of English-speaking female entrepreneurs in Munich who further their businesses and succeed together. The group was formed in summer 2019 and has to date already held 14 online and in-person events. Our activities are aimed at growing the community and developing our members’ skills to assist them on their entrepreneurial journey. The members range from women who are in the process of starting out as self-employed to those who have developed successful business employing numerous team members. Our events include social evenings aimed at creating networks and connections between women who can become instrumental in growing each other’s businesses, workshops held by experts in particular fields (business planning, branding, fi- nances, social media), as well as on-line zoom calls with specific themes (such a goal-setting and creating confidence in one’s business), and monthly co-work and learn sessions. We have also recently launched a WEM Business Book Club.