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  1. Business and Life Coach

    If you’re seeking transformational change, business coaching or fulfillment, there are several programs available for leaders, individuals and teams from all industries and backgrounds. Individual coachings are possible in person or via video call in quiet office spaces near Odeonsplatz and Marienplatz.   My approach is based on focusing on the whole person, empathetic active listening, developing an authentic connection and holding you accountable to action. I am a certified coach with over 10 years of work experience as a consultant, team lead, senior product owner, project lead, director of operations and people and organizational development manager at Accenture, Zooplus, Userlane and Payworks. In addition to professional leadership experience, I have worked directly with executive management and agile software development teams for over 6 years, covering the broad spectrum of business from enterprise, SMEs and startups.     Qualifications Member of the International Coach Federation Professional co active coach CTI (Coaches Training Institute) Leadership circle profile practitioner Msc Marketing Management Certified agile scrum product owner