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  1. Business Networking

    You are willing to start your business in Germany, but you are overwhelmed with all the information and rules you need to take care of? This is an informal meeting to get in contact with the other group members, find sparring partners, and of course do networking. We also have a keynote speech on the topic: "How to set up a network?" I kindly ask you not to sign up if you are unsure of your attendance. Should your plans change, please be nice and update your attendance. I can then manage the event easier with the venue management to keep everyone happy. Looking forward to meeting you! in behalf of Birgit Heidenreich Yours, Sarah   P.S. Snacks and drinks available on your own purchase. Entrance free.
  2. Freelancer Cooperative

    Hi, does anyone have any experience with this organisation or similar? Would you recommend this method of operating for a freelancer? It seems a good way to have social benefits and freedom of freelancing combined :
  3. Sponsored: Business in 2020s

    Here in the waning weeks of 2019, it’s natural to look back at the decade that’s drawing to an end. But the close of a decade is not just about looking backward - it’s also a good time to consider what the next ten years have in store. Read more here:
  4. Hi all,   I've recently started a small fashion brand that I'm running from home. I've gotten most of it set up and I am not making any revenue so far.   I've registered the business under my name (hopefully soon enough I'll be changing to a limited liability entity) and, as I'm obviously operating from home, I put that as my address.   My question is how can I change this? Since I realized that that's the address customer will be sending stuff to and, also, the address that appears on the Impressum/legal disclaimer. I never thought about it but it probably isn't the best idea for everyone online to know where I live. Is there a way for me to change the business address on the Impressum and the address people can deliver stuff to on my website? I'm thinking of registering a P.O. Box, though I am unsure of a couple of things:   1) Should I register this as a business one? What are the ramifications of this other than being able to put the fictitious name rather than mine? 2) Can I change my Impressum to have the PO box instead of my home address? 3) Is there anything else I should take into consideration when using one of these? I'd greatly appreciate any and all help! Thanks!
  5. Where to get your logo/website done?

    Dear friends,   I want a new logo and a website for my freelance work. But as the saying goes "the cobbler's children have no shoes", I need someone to do it for me. Only thing is that, it should be tax deductible, of course. So I need an inoice at the end.   I found this website "99designs". Did anyone tried it yet? There are many graphic designers that make designs for you, would be nice to get different designs from different designers. There are many sites similar to it, but I dont know which one to use. Is there anyone with a first hand experience?   Are there any other websites I can use you know of?   Would be happy if you share your knowledge  Thank you!