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  1. Deutschland Ticket (588€)

    They have stopped talking about the 49€ ticket, it is now the Deutschlandticket, and the price is to be dynamised. Sounds good but it means the price goes up with inflation. Like when the €uro was introduced. Stuff that cost 10 DM soon cost 10 €. .. I tried to use the infamous RE1 (Magdeburg - Berlin - Frankfurt/Oder) this week.   On the first trip all the toilets (4) were faulty. On the second trip the information said that the train had a Plus20 (20 minutes delay) so I went to the newspaper store to pass the time. When I got to the platform there was no train, perhaps it was not delayed after all. Got the next delayed train (Plus40). The train after that nearly caught it up.   On the way home I did not bother with the timetable, but I was lucky, a train arrived just as I got to the train station (Plus20).   In Berlin it hardly matters if the trains are late, there are so many. But if an RE train is delayed Plus40, it can never recover the time. Until the next day, when the first train is on time?   I quite like train travel but I am very glad to be retired so I do not have to travel.