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  1. Let's discuss here what kind of options are available to people who do not want to sign a 24-month contract for their home Internet connection. So far I am aware of 2 big providers who offer Broadband Internet connection"ohne Vertragslaufzeit", and a small local one here in Hamburg.   O2 They are one of the big 3 German Telcos, and I am inclined to choose them over the next one. What I don't like about O2 is the money that they charge for the VDSL modem/router (more later).   Right now, for the 100/40 Mbps connection, O2 is asking for 19.99 €/mth for the first 6 months and for 39.99 €/mth from the 7th month until forever (or until they change it ). You can cancel it any moment with one month's notice.   The issue I see is that if you don't get one of their modem/routers they do not offer a free non-WiFi modem, so it's not like you can get that non-WiFi modem and then buy some really good WiFi hotspot from elsewhere.  Therefore you have to pay 49.99€ upfront (I am absolutely fine with this), and then on a monthly basis 1.99 or 3.99 or 5.99 €, depending on which modem/router you choose, which bring to total cost to above 40€/mth after the 7th month and I am not sure I am fine with this. I wouldn't like to buy a random modem/router from a random shop (they say that you have this option), but if anybody knows how much it costs to buy one of the officially supported ones from O2 or another store, please comment.   1&1 They are one of the biggest Broadband providers in Germany, but a few people have told me that it is considered a cheap provider and I shouldn't have high expectations of them. When I was living in Berlin we had 1&1 16Mbps at my WG, and the Internet speeds were sometimes really bad but, who knows, it could be good if you got the VDSL 50 or 100 Mbps options. This is the link for the DSL ohne Vertragslaufzeit options (it works now, not sure for how long).   For the 100/40 Mbps connection they are charging 19.99 €/mth for the first 12 months and then 34.99 €/mth forever and ever (until it changes). You can cancel it any moment with three months' notice. Then you can get a non-WiFi modem/router from them for 149.99€ without any additional monthly fee, or like O2, pay 49.99€ upfront and then 2.99 or 4.99 €/mth. Then there is, only in Hamburg apparently.  Anybody has any experience with them?     Any other providers that you know, please comment. I hope this thread might be useful to people moving to Germany now and looking for temporary solutions, and of course to people whose current contract will expire at some point in the future.