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  1. A follow-on from the recently closed (Dec 2016) topic on "Brexit: UK referendum on leaving the EU. How it affects British expats"... Let's see where this snow ball eventually ends up.
  2. Reverse Charge Supply VAT and Brexit

    I currently work as an IT freelancer based in Germany. My primary client is a UK company who I have been invoicing with under VAT reverse charge supply for the last 8 months or so. From what I have read - even if there is a no-deal Brexit - this would still apply. However, I wondered if anyone could confirm that.   Cheers  
  3. I fancy buying something on ebay from a commercial seller based in the UK. So I asked him whether his price included UK VAT and whether he could deduct it if he were to ship to me in Germany. This is his reply   If you are an EU VAT registered business buying for your business then I can deduct VAT. If you are a private person or UK business then I have to charge VAT. Hope this helps.   At the same time, my research seems to tell me I will have to pay 19% incoming VAT in addition to the 20% I pay in the UK without a chance of getting these refunded or subtracted from what I have to pay here. Is this quite right? The general rule is that VAT is not due when a purchase is exported rather than delivered and used in the country of sale. This is how VAT refunds for tourists work, and, special case, within the EU, will automatically deduct the difference of French and German VAT when shipping to Germany.  Did they really screw up Brexit this big? 
  4. Happy new year folks!   I was made redundant by my last job. The last day of my contract was December 31st. To tide me over and make sure my health insurance was covered, I applied for ALG1 starting January 1st. This date also happens to be quite a big one for us Brits.   In the 'provisional answer' from the Agentur fur Arbeit they have said:   "Nachweis Aufenthaltsstatus ab 01.Januar 2021fehlt (Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung/Fiktionsbescheinigung)!"   I've been living in Germany as an EU citizen up to now, so don't have one. I do not yet have a 'Aufenthaltsdokument-GB'   How should I best proceed?   Can I apply for a Fiktionsbescheinigung now?   Wait until I get an email from the Berlin Immigration Office for an appointment to get my Aufenthaltsdokument-GB? The Agentur fur Arbeit has asked for proof by the end of February, so I have a bit of time.   Thanks!
  5. So there is agreement "in principle" that UK citizens (subjects, actually, but still...) will keep the right to stay after Brexit:   No mention from the UK of any contingency plan if we crash out with no deal at all.   What should we expect? Try and get a visa if we haven't got our German citizenship by then? What kind of visa would be appropriate?
  6. Hi all,    I have received a letter from my UK bank advising that if I am not a UK resident they will close my UK bank account. They sent the letter to Germany as I had updated my accounts ages ago with my German address. Having googled the matter, it appears that there is confusion on this topic and some banks are being more lenient than others. I was just wondering if Toytowners had any advice for me, perhaps there is a way around this?
  7. Hello. I have just arrived in Germany and plan to stay here for the winter (whether that means up until 31.12 or beyond to March).   I am a UK passport holder and obviously crossed the border without getting any visa stamp as it is the transition period.   Because I hope to stay for longer than the remaining two months of the year, I went to the local Rathaus and registered. I bought travel-health insurance for the maximum amount of time into 2021.   I have two questions:   1. Ideally, I would like to use my Schengen time (90/180?) from 1 Jan 2021, but I am not sure how this is done. The only official information I have received from writing to organisations is advice to contact the local aliens authority (“Ausländerbehörde”). For where I am currently living, it would be Hannover, and I am just about to do that. Because from 1 Jan 2021, I will be here without any stamp in my passport, no proper residence visa, etc. Is anyone on these boards in a similar situation?   2. I would like to find a way to stay on Germany for longer, get some form of official status. But it seems to me I am stuck as I have no reasons in the eyes of the law. The only things going for me are I am 50 (Ruhestand-Visum?) and can support myself (I am self-employed as a writer and have around 300K of savings).   Any advice or sharing of experiences would be welcome. Kind thanks in advance.