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  1. A follow-on from the recently closed (Dec 2016) topic on "Brexit: UK referendum on leaving the EU. How it affects British expats"... Let's see where this snow ball eventually ends up.
  2. Hi folks, I am writing a report about a possible Brexit and how it could affect british expats. What do you think about this? Did any of you ever consider applying for German citizenship? Susanne
  3. Hello Toytowners,   As a Brit who arrived on 1 April 2014, I don’t qualify for 5 years’ residency till 2 days after Brexit. Luckily I have an appointment at the Ausländerbehörde in Kreis Viersen on 1 April.   I have loads of documentation prepared, in the hope that I can get a Niederlassungserlaubnis on that date.   My employer has offered to write me a letter saying that they have employed me for 3 years and that my job needs me as a native English speaker (a kind of Vorrangprüfung letter I guess). I said great, thanks, and then they asked me specifically what they should write.   I assumed just facts (employment dates, position, key responsibilities) and the need for English as well as German, but has anyone else had anything similar and should they include more information? What would an application letter to grant employment to a third-country national look like?   Thanks in advance!    Auntie Helen
  4. Is anyone currently doing this?   I had a quick butchers* here but apparently my MSc degrees are either for non-existent or non-regulated professions:   If it's not on the list, don't bother, I guess? UK quals are probably no more in need of recognition than those of other 3rd countries once b-day comes right?   *is that a regulated profession? ;-)
  5. Some states and cities in Germany are now activating their brexit plans, updating their web pages, and sending out letters to those affected.   It doesn't make sense to make 1 thread per state. Nor does it make sense to mix this thread with the other brexit topics. So I started this thread to collect info on which states/cities are doing what - most info is pulled via and social media.   Berlin - website updated with info and FAQs.   Munich - website updated with info   Saxony - Landesamt sending out short questionnaire letters to brit residents. Website updated with info:   Feel free to update and I'll add to the list.
  6. Has anyone from LK Rosenheim recevied the Brexit letter?
  7. Just fyi for those in Cologne worried about brexit. There is a meeting tomorrow evening (now starts 18:30) organized via British in Germany and the embassy:
  8. Dear All, My situation is bit unique and I am looking forward to get some informed opinions on it. We are an Indian family (I, wife and a 10 yrs old daughter). We were living in the UK for 3 years before coming over to Munich in Jul, 2018. I am working for a US multinational IT company that has offices in Germany as well as the UK. My wife works with a German company with local contract and Blue card. My daughter studies here in an International school.    We have a possibility to go back to the UK in Sep, 2019 on T2 general visa that will allow us to stay there longer with a possibility to get the PR (with the current UK immigration rules). However, given the current situation (Brexit) I am not quite able to judge whether it will be a good move for us.    plus points that I feel about the UK: 1. English speaking - We are very comfortable with language, interacting with the people 2. Experience of living there - I and wife have lived in the UK for total 5 years and feel very much at home there 3. English education for daughter with possibilities to get into the UK university 4. Driving in the UK comes natural to me (because of experience there + India and UK drive on the same side of road)   Plus points about Munich: 1. Very safe with very good transport 2. Wife has local job with Blue card with possibility of getting PR within 33 months (or 22 months with German B1) 3. Can travel within Europe without any additional visa requirements   It will be great to see the opinions and guiding feedback on my situation. Thanks!
  9. OK, at the moment this is still a somewhat theoretical question, but one where I need to make a decision soon.   Historically I have always been registered in Germany as a British citizen, as that is where I grew up and where I am from. However with the ongoing Brexit shenanigans   I'm wondering how complicated it would be to abmelden (as a Brit) and anmelden as an Irish citizen (I've had an Irish passport for many years, long before Brexit loomed on the horizon, thanks to my Mum being born in Co. Clare). I'd like to vote here in the May 2019 EU elections, so I'm thinking to do this fairly soon, dependent on getting a Termin (!), but am wondering if anyone has practical experience of this.   Is it possible to actually abmelden (as a Brit) and anmelden (as Irish) at the same appointment? Are there any unforeseen consequences (other than the Finanzamt sniffing around re: Kirchensteuer!) Are there any inhibitions to doing this while the UK is still (technically) a member of the EU?   I'm particularly interested to hear from anyone who has actually gone through this process.
  10. Registering ahead of Brexit

    Hey TTers,    I have a friend who has recently moved to Germany for work (she is British).    In the case of a No Deal Brexit at the end of March 2019 does anyone know by when she would have to register?    I heard somewhere she would need to register by the end of December (so pretty damn soon) in order to be relatively safe. Others said it would be fine so long as she does it before Brexit day.   (it's Berlin, so she's finding it tough to find an apartment with Anmeldung, hence why she hasn't simply gone to the Bürgeramt ASAP).    Thanks for any help :-)    
  11. Just fyi for those in Duesseldorf worried about brexit. There is a meeting on evening of Mon Oct 8th organized via British in Germany and the embassy:
  12. Just fyi for those in Bayern. There are 2 upcoming meetings about latest developments on Brexit:   Thu Sep 27th - Augsburg event organized via Axel Dittman of Auswaertiges Amt:   Mon Oct 8th - Munich event organized via british in Germany:
  13. Hi everyone,   British in Germany is holding an Infoabend at Freundenzimmer in Kreuzberg (Mehringdamm 61) on 31st August 2018. It starts at 7pm and is followed by a party from 9pm (€3 plus booking fee in advance, €5 on the door which will help cover costs). It’s a good way for Brits in Berlin to find out about what’s happening with citizens rights in the Brexit negotiations (before then completely forgetting about the stress of Brexit with one or two of your favourite tipple).   More details can be found here:   Hope to see many of you there!   Matt    
  14. News about taxation after Brexit

    Looks like Germany has been considering tax implications after brexit:
  15. British in Bavaria announces a talk by an experienced UK diplomat and first-hand observer of European politics and politicians over the whole period of the UK´s membership of the EU. Colin Munro was a member of the UK Diplomatic Service in Central and SE Europe between 1969 to 2007 and is also an expert on election systems and referenda – practices and malpractices, the role of the media, finance etc. We can expect an enlightening analysis of the context to the Brexit Referendum, and a considered reflection on the present situation and the prospects for a vote on the final deal (“People´s Vote”). Location: Evangelisches Forum Herzog-Wilhelm-Str. 24 Munich 80331 Time: 19:00, Doors open 18:30 We are not asking for registration, so come early to secure a seat. The room has capacity for 180 people, and there is a small reception area with a limited range of drinks, but no restaurant or café facilities. The talk is free and open to all. Gerne sind auch interessierte Deutsche zu dem Vortrag eingeladen. Auf die oft gestellte Frage, “Wird es wirklich zum Brexit kommen?” versprechen wir keine verbindliche Antwort, jedoch wertvolle Einsichten in den Hintergrund zu der Brexit-Volksabstimmung und ein fundiertes Kommentar über die aktuellen Entwicklungen.
  16. Just fyi for those in Frankfurt worried about brexit. There is a meeting on Tue Oct 2nd organized via British in Germany: