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  1. Hi everyone, my friends and i (we are about 6 or 7) are having regular meetups every 3 months or so at a clinic in town, where we get a Botox treatment together. Because we are a group, we are paying about half of the market price. Just to explain - each person gets treated in privet in one of the clinic's rooms!   Here are the conditions that i managed to close with the clinic - Costs: 150 Euro per Botox zone (zone could be between the eyes (Frown lines), or entire forehead or sides or eyes (craw's feet) or cheeks.) You could of course choose more than one zone. I need one or two more people for our group. sometimes one of us can't come and i need to have at least 6 people to maintain that price!!! If any of you is interested, just email me: Sharona