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  1. Hello guys, I live in Berlin for the past 9 years. Recently I got offered a good Office Job in Stuttgart. I keep wondering if I'm going to like it in a place like Stuttgart.   Many people told me that depression awaits, it's very boring, repetitive, and nothing in comparison to Berlin.   They keep warning me trying not to take the wrongest decision, that the "city" has no fire, no soul, no energy, no buzz, no vibe, no 24/7 mentality in comparison to Berlin and it's a huge mistake and that, money and a good job should not be the deciding factors here.   It's true that in Berlin there are people walking on the streets even at 3 or 4 o clock in the morning or even eat and order food at that time. No matter where you walk it's full of people. In Stuttgart after four o'clock in the evening, you won't even see a bird landing on the street, so they say my friends who were born there, raised there, learned there, lived there, visited there. (Even pre-pandemic) And they all wait for this long-awaited weekend to... go hiking? ewwwwwwwwwww (rentner style) I await your responses.